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The Beginnings

Kipling wrote some amazing things and will always be one of my favourites. Unfortunately today, fewer and fewer clue into the valuable lessons he subtly brought to light.

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It's a corrupted and re-purposed symbol that is ripe for ridicule. Just like the peace sign.


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I'm sure no one cares about that particular (((entertainer))) who died 82 years ago. This particular sob stole all his stories and lied about it ..imagine that...


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Kipling was born in Bombay, to English nobility, you fantastic retard. As for plagiarism, you're no doubt referring to his letter, in which he states, "In fact, it is extremely possible that I have helped myself promiscuously but at present cannot remember from whose stories I have stolen." Re-using other authors' ideas was, and still is, extremely commonplace in the writing world. You think Jules Verne was the first one to come up with helicopters, airships, deep sea vehicles? You think Isaac Asimov was the first one to write about intelligent machines attacking us? The maiden-warrior concept is older than dirt, and it gets reused constantly.

And I don't know what you think "entertainer" means, but generally speaking, it refers to a performer. Not an author. Retarded. That's what you are.