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He just stated a fact. They were forced to play their "muh anti-semitism" card because it is their modus operandi. As smart as they claim to be, they are really predictable and not so bright. Stating facts is not racist, anti-semitic nor hateful, facts have no feelings.

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Bingo, "accidental" anti-semitism or hiding your powerlevel is the way you play the game. Force them to overplay their hands and they lose power. If any criticism is anti-semitism to them then nothing is anti-semitism to the people.

Jews did a lot of bad moves in the past few years, specially the fake "hate-crimes" that, in my opinion, destroyed credibility of all the future "hate-crimes".


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Notice everyone butthurt is white.

We are indeed fucking finished.


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They make facts racsist


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They all just use the same tired talmud playbook. Which used to be kryptonite to whites but is quickly turning into popeye spinach.