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I look into history and I honestly can say I don't know where it started, people have short memories, Obama was a terrible President but looking into history you have some notable events, a lot worse and a lot better. Some say the death of Kennedy was the start, JFK was a Liberal Libertarian but he still had classic values like FDR or Truman Democrats. He one of the only Presidents to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons, there was no illegal immigration in his time, he wanted man on the Moon and 5 - 6 yrs later, maybe 10 yrs later at the most the USA would have a space colony on Jupiter or Mars..and he used Nazi UFO Reich scientists like to achieve his goal JFK also didnt want the USA to be a world police forced and called out the globalists, the commie and the banker could have been what made 'them' kill him, they also probably killed his brother Bobby and a shit ton of other activists like MLK, John Lennon etc. Nixon then came, Tricky Dick wanted to be President forever and would break the Dollar no longer backed by Gold but instead the demonic Saudi satanic dark black blood of the sands, Carter was an incompetent buffoon but still had sense enough to ban muslim Iranians entering the USA after they hijacked the US Embassy taking US workers and citizens hostage. Reagan was B Film Actor, Ladies' Man, possibly an FBI Snitch and two faced flipping from Left to Right in a heart beat, the guy also in a way loved the terroristic islamists and refused to confront radical islam, Bush Snr and the Deep ran the show in Reagans time as Reagan continued going senile, the Russian commie were seen as the big threat during the Cold War allowing islamism to grow like a cancer. ...also Irangate drug running and selling the Sworn Enemy of America weapons...also ordered US Marines into retreat after the beirut barracks bombing...emboldening terroristic inbred jihadi islamics....Clinton another fool, an intelligent fool is nonetheless a fool .... he helped create an economic bubble giving every American a dot com but he was another womanizer, loved islam so much he created a second State for Albanian islamics right in the heart of good guys here, a long complicated history of ethnic conflict and dictators but Clinton's real reason for war was probably to distract from the blowjobs and sleaze in office.... his bubble crashed and tech was soon outsourced to Japan, Europe, China and gave away America's best inventions and tech to Israel and Middle East and Indian street shitters. Clinton Bill or Billy the Thrill was a slick talker by all accounts was astonishingly intelligent and well-educated, making him possibly the smartest President since, who would know, Jefferson? Woodrow Wilson....Bill might have been smart but he was an asshole....Bush jnr was smart once upon a time...back in his Texas days.... but destroyed his mind on booze and drugs. The daddy to little bush, Bush Snr was intelligent but was way to Cold for a public that was going through the 1990s, Deep State old Bush and Lizard like and he was in power for eons ....people felt old bush did not connect but slick Willy Clinton in a ways Clinton's first run was at least something of a fake relief from Bush, but on the other hand, by any sane standards, his Clinton Empire or Bill Clinton and his Wifes sleazy financial dealings and his pathetic public adultery really disqualify him as being anywhere near a good President... also islamic in NYC also the first WTC attack in Bill's time, this was long before all those rumors about Haiti or drugs or Weiner emails or pizzagate conspiracy broke....Clinton was know to be corrupt but very few knew how bad it got, Bush mostly got in because of the sleaze around Clinton/Gore. Bush jnr was fucking terrible it was one Bushism after another listen to his dumb fuckhead speeches, why did people want an Obama? ...was he a Deep State production? ' Obama's Mommy: What Did She Do for a Living? ' larouchepub? Did they think Obama would fix the hoodrat Nigger problem? Maybe America as a collective tv conscious thought they needed an Obama after the embarrassment of say Katrina etc Or maybe it was Bush on the world stage people wanted a half Black half White mixed half Negroe smooth talker, a diplomat, morally just, dreamed about an imaged up incorruptible, un-hypocritical, un-retarded President? or maybe it was the Neo-Con thing, the new globalist rightwing brand of Noe-Conservatisim with Cheney, Bolton etc After 911 Bush calling islam a religion of peace, saying islam is peace like some kind of fucking insane retard shill, alongside his sidekick Tony Blair? Bush was a disaster for Liberity in America, the whole patriot act and telling the world media you are either with us or with the terrorists while at the same time owned by his banker friends in the Middle East and constantly kissing Saudi ass. If GWB halfwit had not destroyed Iraq I doubt very much ISIS, the islamist refugee invasion of Europe and all the other problems would exist today, Hillary was basically the same globalist as the Neocons only she labeled herself leftwing and accelerated plan Bush. and The 'black eye' .... you wonder who really was running the show?