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We will never forget. He was regardless of politics one of us.

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zyklon_b is a disruption shill. it is here to make it look like goats are calling for violence against groups of (((people))). example right here.

downvoat and ignore; report for criminal activity.

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A disposable Democrat who pissed off a Clinton and implies that the FBI allowed the DC Police to subvert justice out in the open.

Not as brazen as Bribery which is legal if it's called Pay to Play according our corrupt FBI.

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His name was Seth Rich

And he was a communist.

And he wanted a fucking jewish marxist (((Bernie Sanders))) to get into power and tax away all your property, so free-shit communists like Seth Rich can get more free shit without working.

The fact that Seth Rich demonstrated how corrupt the Clinton death machine was does not change the fact that Seth Rich was to the left of the Clinton death machine. Everything you despise the Clintons for, Seth Rich wanted more of. Seth Rich fought Clinton because he wanted full communism. He fought the Clintons, because they werent the US into Soviet Russia as fast as he wanted.

Now stop fellating a fucking bolshevik, you stupid cuck. He wasnt your friend, he was your enemy.

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He has been a socialist piece of shit. But he is DEAD, which is the desired state for socialist marxists. In death, he is useful - not because of who he is, but the manner in which he was killed. Because it implicates the DNC in murder. Political murder. And it goes all the way up to DWS and Skippy, the hanky-boy himself "I'm definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker".

So get your head out of your arse and realize the benefit of dragging your enemy's corpse around and the effect it has on their morale.

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dragging your enemy's corpse around and the effect it has on their morale.

For it to have an effect you would have to drag it so they can see it.

You're dragging it through our camp.

Theres no benefit in telling US how great a patriot a bernie sanders cocksucker was.

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Grasshopper, calm down.

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It had to be said, though.

Siding with bolsheviks to fight the mensheviks is just stupid.

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We all bleed the Red Blood of PATRIOTS...


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Seth Rich wanted a kike to be POTUS.

We all bleed the Red Blood of PATRIOTS...

Seth Rich wasnt. He bled to get a marxist kike into power.

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Funny that you talk about divisive kikery when Seth Rich was a jew.

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You know how your comment looks to me, because of my coincidence detector? Like this: ((((((((()))))))))

Seth Rich was a jew, just as much as bernie sanders is.

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You know how your comment looks to me? Like this

Eat a dick then.

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His name was King Pudding

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How did this get 900 views and 150 upvotes?

Upvoted, but I mean, gee.

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Lol is hilarious

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His name. was Robert Pualson.... his name, was Robert Paulson... his name... ohh wait...

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And someone murdered him in a botched robbery.

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He was a communist kike attempting to elect a communist kike. Glad he's dead if he's even dead. OP is a pretentious fag. Go light a candle for this kike in private, queer

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You’re such an edgy little cunt, aren’t you...

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@schlongkeyhote raped and murdered a white infant boy in 1990