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They have promoted diversity/division/ethno cultural debasement among all people for decades now, while promoting the opposite within their ranks

They'll end up with all the people against them, as usual, once those people will figure out what they were and what they still are up to

For that to happen one only needs to name the jew, relentlessly

Like in every scam or deception, to make it work, the intent/scheme must remain secret, even their talmud was supposed to remain secret


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You started it with your rejection of the Godhood of the Jewish God. Your misfortune is 100% self-inflicted.


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Rejection of the Godhood of the Jewish God by Jews themselves is thoroughly documented in both the old and new testament. Even God himself has said to cast such people out of your city.

These are people who abuse their parents traditions to gain political and monetary power. What they are and how they act has nothing to do with any God they claim to follow. It's cognitive dissonance to suggest otherwise.