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the enema of my enemy is my friend


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Muslim tolerence is more important to the socialist wet dream than transgenders. Not to mention this raises yet another "issue" that "can only be solved" by a "government committee tasked with enforcing equality". It also helps reaffirm the "need" for sharia courts. All of this of course is simply a rapid descent into madness in the name of an unclearly defined "progress" pushed by the projectives.

Some people think it is really silly to want free speech. Some people think it is really silly to want freedom at all. If we look at all of humanity and its cultures or civilizations as a cyclical process it becomes evident that time and time again one group will gain total control only to be overthrown by another group or by its own people. They need to get us all wanting, or thinking we want, the same things. That is the only state in which total and complete tyranny can be extracted indefinitely upon the people. When they believe they wish and want to enter into and stay in the arrangement as subjects.

You see this in varoius religions and cultures on the microscale. Like how The Amish are allowed to choose to stay or leave forever. It is likely that a choice as such will be available under the planned system (if it is to be successful).

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Gotta make sure that your enemy's asshole is clean before you rape them in the ass!


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The prime enemy of the muslim is the Jew.