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Listen to the interview of the beaner's friend speaking. The beaner probably said his name was "Peter" but it sounded like "Beaner" to the starbucks employee. Employee just wrote "beaner" not even knowing it was a slur.

On a side note, it occurred to me that the Beaner did not want to be interviewed because he's an illegal. Priceless.

Next time I go to starbucks I'm going to tell them my name is Beaner.

Update. Latest news articles are now reporting the beaner said his name was Pedro. And, get this, the barista is a "Latina". Too young and dumb to even know "Beaner" was slur against her own people. And , and the fucking starbucks window was graffitied last night.

And fuck all this, someone needs to go in to starcucks wearing a full burka and use the name "Kike".

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He probably said his name was "beaner"

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my dad called me his little beaner when i was a kid because i loved beans. then in the early 90s it became a racial slur. just one of the many things they have stolen from us

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Just say "Peter" out loud in your best Mexican accent. I think it's extremely obvious the Employee just couldn't understand this faggot. Not that I'm trying to stand up for Starbucks. Let them be consumed by their own virtue signalling.

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Mr. Wetback here. Can I come with you?

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And Starbeetus are such cucks that they'll probably gladly pay out because of all the "emotional harm" they caused to the filthy wetback.

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They definitely will pay out and big. It's such a smart scam against such a stupid company.

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As a half mexican i welcome free coffee reperations.

As a half white i find this completely retarded and i hope starbucks enters bankruptcy because they are blatantly anti-white.

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So.. you're on the fence on this..

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Not really because I legitimately stopped consuming Starbucks about a month ago because of their anti-white rhetoric

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The niggers are getting free shit…….enter the taco niggers.

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Guarantee it's a scam, no one would actually do this unironically.

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> sub-human low-IQ beaner tells soy-boy friend at Starbucks to write "Beaner" on his cup so they could raise hell and the soy-boy get fired so they could collect unemployment

> sub-human low-IQ beaner SERIOUSLY trying to push the meme that soyboy SJWs that work at Starbucks are racist...

Not buying it beaners...

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Saw it earlier.

From this link: https://gab.ai/news/2188

Couldn't be arsed to go deeper. Mainly because someone seemed to make the point that it is nothing. Starbucks has a mobile app. They will print whatever you put as your name in that spot. If true, and this is a false flag, "beaner" wasn't filtered, but something like "spic" probably was, and if they were going for some sweet racism bucks, this is an easy way to get outrage online. This was pointed out in some post that got some other drink to say "beaner" this way. And now, can't find that specific post. To verify, would mean I would both have to order something through starbucks today, and use their mobile data collection software. Which is not happening.

EDIT: Shit was bothering me.

The "original drink in all the stories". http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2018/05/16/la-canada-starbucks-racist-cup-beaner-label/ is an iced drink, with the plastic, not paper cup. Have to watch the vid for the proof.

The gab post I saw, https://gab.ai/chadbigly/posts/25802153 , mirror of the image here. (Funny, it's also the image breitbart uses. Point is, it's a different type of drink, but still managed to get "beaner" on it.

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Starbucks is spending capital in its new role as incubator for the next big national racial dust up.

It's the CNN of coffee houses.

I don't believe any of this shit is real.

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