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THese fucks are calling for the actual genocide of Whites. They are doing it our own countries. They have government funding.

Why the fuck are we tolerating this?

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They may call for white women to have abortions, but that doesn't affect the reality that black women kill WAY more of their own babies.

If you support abortion, you're actually supporting disproportionate black baby deaths.

[–] elitch2 7 points 2 points (+9|-7) ago  (edited ago)

I don't give a fuck about that. Abortion is muder, plain and simple.

edit - It is more likely that abortion is ritual human sacrifice. Blood for the Blood God, and all that.

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Good ole catch-22

[–] Sarcastatron_9000 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

You can donate money to PP and tell them to earmark it specifically to pay for a black woman's abortion. You can directly fund the murder of an unborn black child. It's fucking barbaric.

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List of babies killed by abortion:

This concludes the list.

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Rather than bitch and complain, why not go fuck some white bitches and have some babies? Niggers and shitskins are just gonna outfuck whites and in a few generations, whites will be virtually extinct.

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Blacks treating pregnancy like a magicians curse is not new.

What is (((new))) is white peoples food, money, and medicine allowing their population to explode past every natural constraint. In 2 decades. Or about (1990-today) Africa will be half of world population. Bigger then China and india combined. 8x as large as the US.

World population is stable everywhere except Africa.


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Jesus wept.

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I mean, kind of a non issue for me. Planned Parenthood was by design planned for aborting black kids. It's.pretty crazy.

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We're not. Our boiling point is being reached, and very soon, there will be many murders across this land. Murders committed by nationalistic whites against kikes, niggers and spics.

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I don't really care about race. I care about communists.

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Why hide their face and name? I thought nowadays it was "You can say what you want, but your freedom of speech doesn't protect you from the response to said speech," no?

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Full disclosure, when I found the image it was already censored.

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It's ok, it wasn't hard to find her name... But still.

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If you're a black woman.... Do us all a favor and kill yourself.

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and take your 15 welfare spawn with you

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That would be more cultural appropriation. Planned Parenthood was designed to kill black babies.

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i don't think this nigger/jew/faggot has thought this through. If all the white men are gone, who is going to pay for your EBT/wars/AIDS medication?

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Ha ha thinking ahead is white behavior. No really it's how we survived in cold wintry climates. They evolved in year round warmth with tree and animal food. No planning or discipline needed.

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She is apparently a White Christian, nice try though:

"Fuck your shit. I am definitely rooting for Jesus’s spirit"

Note: Not Star of David

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joking or retarded?

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My white baby boy makes his arrival in 3 weeks and i can’t wait

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Why block out the name of this stupid kike?:


Turns out, she's a fucking jew.

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It was like that when I scraped the image.

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RACE WAR. white pride world wide!

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