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Open sexuality in the name of feminism...

Open homosexuality in the name of tolerance...

Open transsexuality in the name of equality...

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Pedophilia to liberate children from the oppression of western society...

Animal sacrifice in the name of religious freedom...

Human sacrifice in the name of extended birth control...

Now goyim.... time to give up your first born to appease Baal or Moloch or whatever dark god these evil scumbags worship.

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Animal sacrifice in the name of religious freedom...

I thought Jews already do this with their annual crazy chicken bloodletting ritual.

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They still do it with humans too, as they have for centuries. Saint Simon of Trent, look it up

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Don't forget cannibalism and cousin marriage.

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You mean you need to marry your cousin, before you can eat her?

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This is why they are pushing for children to learn 'consent' from such a young age! So that they can say the child wasn't harmed, and consented, therefore it wasn't rape!

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Jokes on them you can withdraw consent now it's 2018.

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I'll share other things here now.

Sexual liberation is an very advanced form and slavery. Watch this one hour video to see the light, by E.Michael Jones.


Another one on Porn.

Go to 27:30-32:00


Remember when Polanski was arrested in Switzerland because he drugged and raped a 13 years old girl in the ass? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La6lHQcKRHg

Did you know that it led to a massive protestation of all the (((hollywood))) actors? How dare goyim arrest a chosen people on laws written to control goyims? These laws are for goyims, not for jews !

Yeah, that's the reason why Cohn Bendit never went to prison: He is a kike.At least, Switzerland had the balls to arrest this piece of shit of kike Roman Polanski.

Seeing actors defending this piece of shit really makes my blood boil. Hollywood really is the meeting point of the lowest cum on earth.


Remember when everyone in Hollywood were pitting on Michael Jackson for it's alledged pedophilia and yet everyone defend this piece of shit of pedophuile Roman Polanski? It's almot like Michael Jackson knew about the JQ or something...

Now look sexualisation of children today...




Here is a french denoncing the (((socialists))) raping and killing children


"Because 10 years ago, there was a moral. Nobody required that no one exactly respect this morality. But the existing morality, the rotten or the twisted that really came out of this morality knew that he was doing something that was not very right and that was not very fair ... girls are prostituted for 3, 4, 5, 6 years. A girl died of overdose in a bar in Belgium, it was the daughter of a prostitute who had entrusted it to the boss of the bar and the boss of the bar made it go up, she went up with customers and as the girl screamed Too much, well, he stuffed him with drugs. Well, if we were in power I can tell you that the same evening we would go down to this bistro and that the customers and the boss would be hanged in front of the door, because it's like that it will be necessary that things if we want our homeland and the Western world to survive the wave of shit that is triggering. A region of the world that allows something to do has sentenced to death sooner or later and it will also have to be stopped. Do not think I'm focusing mainly on it, but I think it's one of the most disgusting things, Mr. Jack Lang, who claimed to be a candidate for the presidency of the republic, to be stopped at the exit if what I say is not true.Was compromised in the case of places of life and in a place of life held by socialists called the Coral, and there, kids were prostitutes to people like Jack Lang and a kid was found dead sodomized, head in a seal of shit, that one stops me at the exit if it is not true. So I want tomorrow to fight in an army to defend Europe, I want tomorrow all we want, I want even before you to 70 yards, be ahead and give the example extended, but the Europe I do not care, as long as my country is rotten and what I want to save in a first place is my country, it is my homeland. And I want all Jack Lang from France and elsewhere to be hanged, high and short and accountable. And it is only by our salvation, by our talent, by our morality, by our certainty in victory that we will demand that these people pay, because they have to pay, that is the message I wanted to pass you ..."

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the lowest cum on earth


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Same arguments to legalize gay marriage and transgender rights will be used for Pedophilia. "It's just my sexual preference, I was born this way" ----Kinsey's Kids: "Using pedophiles, he charted length & frequency of infants & childrens supposed orgasms. When questioned about how he knew whether a baby had an orgasm, he said he measured by their crying." https://www.nationalreview.com/2003/11/kinsey-s-kids-janice-shaw-crouse/

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How the hell did you fail to mention Alfred Kinsey? [PDF]

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Please post.

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I already have four months ago to v/pizzagate as I found it extremely relevant to the nature of the sub. https://www.voat.co/v/pizzagate/2322081

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Good on you for remembering to mention him.

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You should investigate neoteny and sexual dimorphism. Ask yourself why "attractive" women are much physically smaller than men, have higher pitched voices, and little body hair. The open conspiracy is that we are in a time when men sticking their dicks in the assholes of other men and men who chop off their dicks and LARP as women are upheld as heroes while heterosexual men who have an interest in freshly fertile females are treated as inhuman devils. Look at Roy Moore. The guy wanted a young girl to wife up and make white babies with and we're supposed to believe this was a terrible thing.

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I was just thinking today about Weiner and his laptop. Let's say they did find what most of us think they found. Let's also say that the Clinton Foundation is involved. Many other politicians and organizations related to the Left are also implicated.

The question I had was this: do you think the Left is actually crazy enough to come up with a defense in the name of pedophilia? What I mean is, their first principals and assumptions are so set in stone (I am on the left to the end) that they could convince themselves that there is nothing wrong with pedophilia and pederasts?

I think they're crazy enough honestly.

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Amazing input Thank you very much for sharing this incredible compilation of Sources and information Thank you again

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