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Why aren't they banning all crime and violence?

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I agree. When i hear about rapes and murders i just sit here and wonder why they arent made illegal, wouldnt that save alot of lives?

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Because guns are the only weapon that can commit murder or violence all on their own.

Roving bands of guns, swarming the dark city streets, looking for their next victim.

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Friendly reminder that "Assault" is an action, not an object.

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"We're gonna mention just a couple of the bills that were done this year, right? Background checks, getting rid of bump-stocks? If you're wanting the other reason why we can't have an honest debate over this one, it's because quite frankly, I don't think any of us on this side of the aisle believe you when you say that's all you want to do. It'll be bump-stocks and it'll be background checks. Then it'll be different kinds of background checks that register the guns. Then after that it'll be "we need to ban assault-weapons." What's an assault weapon? Something that looks 'scary'. Then after that, it'll be semi-automatic rifles. After that, it'll be semi-automatic handguns. Then it'll be revolvers, shotguns. Because when the policies fail to produce the results you are promising to your constituents, you'll be back with more reasons why we've got to infringe on Second Amendment rights."

-Nick Freitas, Virginia House of Delegates, March 2, 2018.

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Gotta ban those "assault handguns" soon.

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Next on the agenda, assault matches

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Turning average citizens into criminals one little law at the time.

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All part of the plan goy!

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They are also granted at creation, not by the government.

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WTF is this?

When someone violates your right you run to the courts?

I order more ammo.

People who supported this? Well, they're unarmed now, so I may as well just use them to zero in my ARs.

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Whoa, that gun in the pic has collapsible assault sights, I hope they made those illegal too. No one has the NEED to be able to switch from a red dot to open sights so easily

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fyi they’re call backup sights for when your sight battery dies

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Yes, goyim, we have cameras and peace officers to protect you now so there's no need to carry weapons of hate. Trust us, goyim. We have a great track record of not genociding unarmed citizens except that one time.. Oh and that other time too but that's ancient history now. You're not an antisemite, are you?

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But I am an antisemite

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Commifornia transplants. They leave the place they made a shithole so the can make another shithole in a good area

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Dont Californicate Colorado!!! All those fuckin morons ruin California and then move to Colorado because California sucks now. Both are beautiful states but the populous is a bunch a liberal faggots.

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You see prime examples of this in CO in Denver and Boulder. There's also a textbook example happening in Austin, TX.

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