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It's been happening for how long again?

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September 26 2016? What is this supposed to be about? The election was in November 2016, inauguration January 2017.

Where did you get this image @daquanikus?

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about the laptop.... what are you talking about?

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wow was just talking to someone 30min ago about this.

ive heard down the vine the stuff on that laptop hit the officers who saw it very hard. when this was uncovered City was going to have an immediate press conference and announce indictments then and there through NY, they didnt want to wait or delay at all, guess hit some political tripwire because there was internal power rifting and silenced all of it, maybe sign of some hot shit. did anyone get killed over this? any cops? would not be surprised. i heard they may have returned the laptop but i have heard allegedly NY copied everything off it.

i just hope we get the whole truth and they drop the hammer like they would on any of us if we were committing crimes, how fucking nuts would that be. evidence and charge to conviction with reflective sentence, they just fucking turn into cocksuckers when anyone disobeys the law on their team, strange when there people have a responsibility level that almost the entire planet will never be presiding over, its pretty clear what is not ok how to handle it. that fuckhead is doing probably less than 12 months on his last charge of kid fucking. wasnt he investigated, cleared, then first goes straight back to sending pics and trying to meet kids? i would bet anything people like this have paid money to even killed kids to get off on it, reality doesnt exist for these people, the system every day tells them and us the law of the land never applies to them the same way.

Ive never understood the "slap on the wrist" treatment of corrupt officials. they are worst kind of criminal because its not a matter of them and an isolated issue, who knows the magnitude of the domino effect, public doing holding there end while these faggots play grab ass all day, love "disciplining" people lighting a joint on a sidewalk or missing a dmv payment due to being caught attempting to do shit like survive.

why you would not power bomb a fucking politician through the fucking legal desk, when they get caught fucking the system... in many cases "swore to protect", whatever that means.

(dude imo you should not even be allowed to run or hold a position in government passed the city level if you are not a veteran. no one is perfect nor is any group... ive known cops and most are cool people but the guys who have served are a completely different type of human, and i didnt have to look very hard to draw that conclusion. i just feel we'd have a better system than now with actual "integrity", which was a fucking struggle to spell just now, even critically.)

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You seem to be under the premise that these politicians are somehow in a paternalistic/protective role for their constituents - I mean granted, that's certainly how our civics textbooks portray things, but I think the reality is something much different sadly. We are living in a neofeudal system. Most of us are commoners. These politicians are nobles, or at least the protected servants of the nobility operating under their banners. The laws which bind us do not bind them, their transgressions seldom if ever see any action in our criminal justice system. In fact they often enjoy long, highly profitable careers rife with criminality with only greater and greater gains in office and standing as their debased acts pile up.

When in those rare cases they do something so extreme that action is taken, it's usually just a matter of moving on from public office to even higher paying (at least on paper, let's be honest, elected officials are getting a lot off the books too, even at the local level, depending on the position) private position (consulting or lobbying or working directly with the groups whose banners they served). Plus the speech circuit, interviews, books, and all the perks of 15 minutes of fame if it was a scandal and they can milk it right.

It's enraging. But beyond the rage, it leaves the blood running cold, because it's also quite horrifying, really, just how bad things are, how far we've fallen, how the rule of law is failing because those who write the laws, enforce them and act in their judgement are not themselves subject to them.

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It’s so hard to not get depressed over the harsh reality. Some days though that depression gives way to a burning desire for what I’d consider a bloody revolution. I could die a martyr; meet my ancestors with some form of honor.

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You what would have made that a lot easier to read? Proper or at least consistent use of commas, periods, and capital fucking letters. Jesus, did you quit school in third grade or some shit? How the fuck do you expect anyone to take you seriously if you write like a child?

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Ive never understood the "slap on the wrist"

everyone has dirt on everyone else. It's MAD but for political careers.

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Never should have been sealed.

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You don’t telegraph your next moves when you’re fighting.

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Note that this order unseals the warrant and the information behind it, not the contents of what was found.

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This just in wiener found dead on railroad tracks cause ruled suicide.

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The day of the rope is near!

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You’re utterly delusional and too cowardly to actually bring it about.

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“Oops we accidentally erased the hard drive.”

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(((something))) accidently the computer.

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Who are you quoting, and please provide the source.

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the quote has been floating around since around september 2016 but I've never been able to find a solid source corroborating it.

You'll notice searching around that the quote is never attributed to any specific time or place. It appears to have surfaced right around the time NYPD got a new chief on sept 19, 2016, meaning it could have been said by O'neill or carlos gomez, who replaced him.

You'll never find any attribution to the quote beyond "NYPD Chief" and i've had no luck searching the quote using either persons name.

in all.likelihood, it is fake

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As far as I can find, this is the source. Not certain as to the journalistic credibility of true pundit, as they use people’s titles (NYPD Chief) but not names. If children were being harmed or anything like that, and this article is slouching towards 2 years old, it doesn’t seem like people are moving very fast to save children. So, if the “NYPD” chief has information on illegal activity, why is he sitting on it for so long. I don’t know. My gut tells me there is fucked yo shit happening and tons of people in power and authority have a hand in it. But why, if people have damning evidence of people in the upper echelons of our authority system, do they not come forward and scream from the hills? Why sit back and let the machinations of this system of authority dilute and deflect and insure and confuse and last but not least, continue to rape kids???

I see people saying everywhere for years, on the chans, on reddit, on here: “it’s happening!” Then nothing goddamn happens. It’s loke where all scrambling towards the same thing and pointing at any squirrel that runs by and not just cutting to the fucking chase. Why are people who have the info not seemingly doing much? Why does it all just fall back to partisan squabble and trusting those in authority to ring justice to those in authority? I don’t know. </rant>


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Because blackmail pays. Why oust a corrupt official for no personal gain? Would you extort a millionaire if you could? Blackmail is a much more serious and common business than people realize.

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You know that's a reaction inducing quote, but I can't find any ties to it actually taking place.

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there is not going to be any Houdini-like escape

Videos or pics from Epstein's island?

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of course they will release it now that it was scrubbed

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