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Fuckin idiots think googling shit will give them truth

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They are mega butthurt over slavery, its all an ego thing. To them, no one else was ever enslaved (ignoring all the people who are enslaved around the world right now--- or all those pesky europeans that were enslaved by other europeans or arabs throughout history). No one tell them about how the vikings used human sacrifices or burned slaves alive during burial rites if the master died.

Could you imagine the butthurt if we had nuked some black people at some point in history? The Japanese got glassed twice (not including the tokyo firebombings where we burned ~100K people alive)-- wiping out generations of families and history, but not one of the ~120 million Japanese on the planet bitch about it like black people do over slavery. Makes it pretty obvious which peoples are worth a shit moving past their struggles and which ones are not.

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Because the Japanese, at one point, were some tough motherfuckers. For hundreds of years they fought each other with samurai and ninjas. Then, after the Tokugawa shogunate, when Japan opened to the rest of the world, they proceeded to beat the shit out of everyone around them. China, Korea, Okinawa, were all tormented by this island of farmers and warriors

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The Japanese got glassed twice (not including the tokyo firebombings where we burned ~100K people alive)

I actually believe that the people who did this (and Dresden, Hamburg terror bombings) should be brought to an international Tribunal and tried, even posthumously.

I know it was war and all. Shit happens. But it was as pure terror as it gets and an intentional mass murder of civilians. It was a heinous crime.

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People that live in the past are worthless. They're enslaving themselves.

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They googling memes and too dumb to know the difference

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Seems like there should be a website that would come up at the top of the listings to check these urban legends. Something like Snoop or Snoopers or something like that. Too bad that similar naming one would say this was partially true since one king of England once saw a black man while on Crusade.

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Spooks FakChek

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Every alternative will be co-opted. Never invest too much. Only decentralized apps will save us

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You're being replaced with niggers, white man. When will it be enough?

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Google has pretty much scanned most books onto a database

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Except that obviously racist stuff of course.

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Underrated comment.

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Its only been 22 minutes.

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Dey wuz Kangz! Do these fucking morons ever quit with this bullshit?!

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Bix nood muh rennaissance nigga axe me dat eby day and eby night nigga.

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Ah. Poor dumb kid. The left made him hate his own history so much he's trying to steal other people's.

I hope he got blown out of the water on that absurdity.

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If I were him I would hate my history too

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What history?

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Which is why we need to back in time and apply the prime directive to fix this shit.

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Did a search. First page explained the history and why it's complete bullshit.

Maybe a search engine difference but one would have to try to not learn the truth. Doesn't appear to be buried history. Pathetic.

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Too much weed makes one say stupid bullshit.

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OK... So, even if that was true... So what?

What does looking 500 years into the past prove? Does it excuse terrible behaviour now? Does it somehow counter generations of destroyed families? If anything, isn't it more embarrassing to point out - "Yeah, we're fucked now, but we were great once. We ruled the known world."

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I love the "We wuz kangz" argument, because it's so easy to counter with a single question:

"If you were indeed kangz, and your empires and society were the greatest thing to ever exist, how did you let a bunch of 'inferior cave beasts' from the Caucasus Mountains turn your empire into DUST, allow the jews to enslave you, and completely erase all of this kingly history?"

It's a devastating question, because the only answer is "We wuz kangz... until the superior White man came along and dethroned us EASILY." They may try to spin it like "White people used cunning and dirty tricks to defeat our great nigger empire", but you can still reply with "But you were kangz- why couldn't you stop the revolt of a bunch of uppity White peasants?"

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I thought they were slaves. I'm almost certain of it.

I'm also certain that if there were ever niggers who ruled Europe at any point, I would have heard about it long before now.

Also, "the dark ages" never fucking happened. We have records going back a solid 2500 years, thanks to the Romans/Catholic Church.

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Except it's not true, and the left is sick to do that to them.

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Totally agree. If you keep people facing backwards they will never move forward. It's not by accident.

Who recently talked about the "Democratic plantation..."?

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The Moores were Arab muslims, not sub-saharan savages.

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Even if this were true

What have you done lately?! (Insert Janet Jackson gif)

Not shit for thousands of years, that's what. Meanwhile the people you 'conquered' created a futuristic world while your descendants electrocute themselves stealing oil from transformers to cook chicken. They wear pink bunny ears and diapers so bullets can't find them

I wouldn't be proud of your past with a present that's beyond embarrassing.

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(Insert Janet Jackson gif) This one? https://hooktube.com/watch?v=uef3cBCNpKw

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I wonder what her mooslim husband thinks of that now

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