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Not much wrong with having cameras, but the poster is terrible and creepy.

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look at how the smallest video snippit can be used to ruin someone's life, now imaging (((a group))) having the power to review anything you ever did. "and here we see SyriansAreTerrorists checking out (looking in the general direction of) a 12 year old, someone should inform his employer and the thought police"


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For the downvotes. Corruption will find a way.

The cameras on public transportation are necessary, subway stops, liquor stores, busses. Imagine a LA or NY bus where people didn't think they were accountable. Be realistic. Be honest with yourself, like if you would go those places with no cameras. Be honest every time you see someone get caught who was doing whatever, or up voated a live leak on Voat where some d-bag was caught on camera.

Are you upset about the camera, or how you know a place like Brittan will use it?


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Cameras don't stop niggers and other walking garbage. A gun will though but you aren't allowed to carry one those there.