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Holy fuck. Is this real??

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yes but 16 years old

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Wow, it is.

2002 - http://archive.is/eOgok

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W-were they going through a self-aware ironic phase or something?

Also, good thing it doesn't show the top of the bridge, huh. Those safe watchful eyes sure didn't see that fucking vehicular massacre coming.

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And it's about to get real-er with all the surveillance tech coming out.

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Sometime around 2007 they installed xray style cameras around city center london

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For the children dumbass

the CHILDREN .........

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The one's they're letting get raped by "asians"?

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OK, I changed my mind based on your post.

Fuck the children.

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Perhaps the cctv cameras are really just there to collect the child porn resulting from the rape on camera.

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Big brother is always watching and will help you when you need it. Please think good thoughts.

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Excellent. I’m sure this reassuring program will drop the rates of acid attacks, knife attacks, rape and violent crime right back down to where they used to be before the Mudslimes moved in and took over.

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It dropped the rate of pickpocketing on buses. Because suddenly the pickpockets were getting prosecuted thanks to cctv footage and fucked off elsewhere that doesn't have cameras... Which is the entire point. Honestly how retarded scared do you people want to be of life.

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UK Discovers Cure for Paranoid Schizophrenia

The UK discovers the cure for paranoid schizophrenia by making the paranoid hallucinations of those who suffer from the devastating mental illness, a reality.
"We have cured this life destroying illness! I'm proud to say, there are no longer any paranoid schizophrenics in UK." The Secretary of State for Health ethusiastically declared at last night's press briefing.

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Shit's so creepy,but they aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

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Great book cover for 1984.

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And the title too.

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UK citizens need to stand up and speak up. Your "country" has no sovereignty for you as an individual. Your leaders do not respect you or your history. You are ruled by upperclass transnationalists. You are slaves to a state above the United Kingdom, EU, who would distort and destroy your identity.

Is nothing wrong on the false narratives of a multicultural Britannia? Do you see no loss in not preserving historical fact? You brought us representative leadership to the rest of the world. You brought us the common rights of men.

Stay sleeping, and the thrown dirt on your body will be your grave.

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There is something about Britain that used to be so reassuring. I was convinced that no matter what happened in the United States, at least Britain would always be Britain.

This belief was based on nothing more than that Britain had been for so long, that it just always be.

Now in my lifetime Britain has become both a parody and a police state.

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"We'll always have an island off the coast of France."

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