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Because Trump is supposed to be a racist, but the picture indicates that he is not.

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The picture does not fit the narrative, which is why it is hidden.

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If anything, I would say that elderly black woman is clearly assaulting him.

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If anything, I would say that elderly black woman is clearly the puppeteer.

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It does much more than that, it humanizes him. Harder to hate a man that is being nice to a grieving mother.

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A Red Pilled Black woman is dangerous to the narrative. They don't want anyone to know that Republicans want to create jobs and opportunity for African Americans. Democrats want to keep them trapped and continue to be their poverty pimps.

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Just look at the National Black Caucus (or whatever they call themselves) during the SOTU. He points out that right now we have the lowest rate of unemployment for blacks in history, and they're sitting there fuming like a kid who just got grounded.

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I don't like the national black congress because they dress like they rule over Zamunda. It's just another way they try to segregate themselves from everyone else.

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Liberal went ballistic seeing their neo-plantation slaves have independent thoughts.

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Just guessing, but might be a narrative dissonance.

Or maybe she's stealing his watch?

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Marxist-Communist-Bolsheviks get triggered by reality.

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Its because it triggers the sjw

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Obviously the POTUS is elbowing that poor, old, black woman in the face. He's committing a friggin hate crime! I can't believe twitter allows this to stay up on their site.

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That rss scroll bar... LOL!!!

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The cop in back looks like he's having an emotional moment. In a good way, I'll add.

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Because they’re Commie cocksuckers.

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Because the massive media censoring has begun.

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You know, I'm just done calling them "Jews". Right now, they're "Kikes", followed by "Fucking Kikes". Imagine it'll get progressively more defined as time goes on "Fucking Kikes, trying to take down White society, we should fucking...GAS. THEM. ALL."

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I battled with my disdain for kikes for years. It's hard not to become a monster with that hatred in your heart. I guess I can take solace in the fact that I'm not yet a monster, however. I can't imagine I'll have that solace for long

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Thoughtcrime that may interfere with regular dosing of Prolefeed

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