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**Offer only applies in White countries.

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**For whites


**Whites need not apply

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Don't forget, you're bad for using antibiotics because antibiotics are bought without prescriptions in those other countries and taken like one-a-day vitamins.

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And, if all the private persons in the word reduce their carbon imprint, then the industry factories can pollute more to compensate.

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It's all so simple now!!!!

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Best comment!

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What we must do is invest in science and hope we can find a way of making the plastic disappear. Perhaps some kinds of modified micro organism that eats plastic and shits something degradable.

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Life will do this naturally...

The time-frame that it will take exceeds human lifetimes, though.

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The Ganges dumps nearly 1 million tons of plastic into the ocean every year?!. There's probably 2 million tons of curry diarrhea in there too.

Just nuke India already. Not only would it reduce ocean waste but fecal-oral diseases, software bugs and unintelligible cold callers would reduce 100 fold overnight.

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welcome to voat.

seems you will fit in here.

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My money on that being someone's alt farming ccp.

You know that kind of post is exactly the right type of post to farm ccp.

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Yes nuking India is a great idea since they will fire nucs back.

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WTF? India is a shithole nation, literally.

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Jesus christ like 20 of them shitting together on the beach.

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Lets make babies.

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Sure, but one of us is going to need a vagina.

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The runoff from the streets and sidewalks makes it into the Ganges?

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They bathe in the ganges while corpses and oil slick float past. Pretty sure a few of em must bust out a curry shit while they're taking a bath. You can't always use the designated streets -- sometimes nature calls.

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As usual, people who are least responsible for the problem are expected to bear all the responsibility for fixing it

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Indeed. White people are once again expected to clean up a mess caused by brown people.

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Thank you for your comment. I love you.

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Who the fuck is downvoating that comment???

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Yup, at least we got out of the Paris Climate Accord, yeah lets just pay everyone else to hopefully stop polluting while simulations increasing operating costs in the US. Yeah fuckin brilliant plan!!

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Make it illegal to give out shopping bags in California.

That'll solve it.

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Instead they'll just genetically modify that plastic destroying bacteria and crop dust that fucker around the world after proving it eliminates the plastic sea pollution. Then all the plastic shit we expected to last for a long time such as plumbing and various seals and apparatus' will begin to deteriorate and have a much shorter lifespan.

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Now the hobos don't have plastic bag diapers to shit in so they have a hepatitis outbreak, too. Plastic was part of the ecosystem.

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I've seen them on the streets too... Crazy people laying on the sidewalk with shit all over themselves literally. It's hard to even believe we got this far.

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I know you're kidding , but that actually has been the law here since 2016

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It'll give rise to the phenomenon of Undocumented Shopping Bags

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That's a funny way of saying niggers and chinks litter like nobody's business.

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Don't forget the dot-head street-shitters.

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Funny but true.

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It seems that street shitters, muzies, muds, chinks and niggers are not interested in the future of the planet.

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And the second they out-vote us in our Western nations, the first shit to go will be all "muh environmentalism" legislation at the state federal and local level.

We're literally doing all this conservational, clean-environment, carbon footprint, green house emission, 6-different-recycling-bins shit for NOTHING.

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It's so frustrating, I am skeptical of man made climate change but I still recycle and clean up garbage because I enjoy the outdoors. I always pick up trash along the trails I hike/bike but its futile because some other dipshit is going to come along and bag their dogs shit and just leave it on the trail or leave their water bottle etc. I think it is bad here then I go visit places like the Dominican Republic and they just dont give a fuck, the beaches are COMPLETELY covered in trash except at tourist hotels.

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Well unless we successfully remove them. It's not over yet

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To be fair, white western europeans are also not interested in their own future.

Literally systematically genociding their own people in their own country. Oh, and none of them give a fuck about South African whites either.

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They need to put a little pressure on these countries, i.e. loose your financial aid your trade status and such if you don't clean up

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Instead we write treaties on pollution and the environment that explicitly exclude these places. Amazing that nothing gets better.

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Exactly right. I'm so sick of us sending money to all these countries around the world. And no offense to Canada, but they need to be paying the US a tax for relying on our good neighborly status to prevent foreign countries from attacking them. Either that or we should just invade and take over.

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Nobody would bother to invade Canada (except through immigration floodgates where the war is almost lost before anyone has woken up), so you'll never get paid. The USA keeps Canada under its umbrella because it believes it owns Canada as a vassal state.

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Proof that race and IQ are related. I guarantee you this is the dumbest lot of asians and stupidest group of africans you could ever assemble. Fresh water makes up the majority of our bodies and the planet, better pollute the shit out our most valuable resource! /s fucking morons.

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It's nothing to do with IQ and more to do with third worlder and their shithole culture.

Literally the goal of the highest IQs among streetshitters are to escape India.

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Even if the niggers was the smartest people on the planet, I still would not mingle with them. But they are the stupidest, so the problem didnt arise, And I will avoid them from now until the day of the rope.

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