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It's your job to meme Patrick Little into office. It's your job to keep this momentum going. It's your job to put up flyers. It's your job to tell your friends and family.

Get onto all of those opponent videos listed above. Dislike them and leave a comment VOTE PATRICK LITTLE JUNE 5TH.

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He has more user engagement on GAB than any of his opponents have on TWITTER, except Feinstein who is probably paying to boost her own posts.



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Make a how-to writeup, with all the dates and how to find your voting area to vote, what to bring, what to expect, etc. I'll bet if you make it stupidly easy to follow you will get more votes.

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Do it, I will make sure people see it and that it gets to Patrick Little.

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Well said.

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Fuck. This is great.

Could this give rise to candidates that need nothing much more than "Not Jewish" as their campaign slogan to win?

Pennsylvania has some unopposed communists running. A few independent conservatives could step in.


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candidates that need nothing much more than "Not Jewish" as their campaign slogan to win?

Lol. The bacon-ham-porkchop sandwich challenge. Mmmmm better than a nothing burger.

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All of those numbers are pretty miniscule though compared to the registered voters in California (and most of those views aren't from California). At the end of the day, most Republicans are just going to vote for the first Republican on the ballot, bringing it down to a game of chance.

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Then maybe the rest of us should "immigrate" there and vote like the wetbacks do.

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The real question is how much of his support is coming from people out of state who can't vote for him. I'd imagine that would explain a large part of the difference in social media engagement.

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Smart guy.

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Loving the comments on the Youtube vids of Patrick Little.

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Overt over the top anti-semetic. Nope.

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Hispanics and blacks are not that deterred by antisemetism, that's more of a white guilt thing.

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