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That’s going to be an extremely short ceremony.

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Maybe they will have a dance off?

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or shoot out?

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Player h8trz bawl

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This is the most likely option

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You forgot about (((affirmative action))) they probably have as much as others.

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No, blacks don't like homos and trannies. They won't be invited to these back of the bus events.

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Well they give awards out to everyone even if they failed

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I feel like Harvard is the joke of Ivy league schools at this point.

Sort of like the UK, they can't be taken seriously.

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I think they threw in the towel after the kenyan incident.

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Id never trust a graduate from there now.

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Bush graduated Harvard

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I feel like Ivy League schools are a joke at this point.

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Hopefully they can find a venue that will seat upwards of four people and their families.

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They do not have to worry about seating for BOTH parents for obvious reasons.

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maybe they can work out a Graduation release type of deal? they do it for work release, I don't maybe a guarded day pass? I'm sure they can work something out.

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Imagine all of the "cousins" turning up hoping for free food though

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All the white and asian support staff should enjoy a hard earned day off.

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How much will break without them?

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The event wouldn't even get off the ground.

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Bathroom segregation would be fucking great next...

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As a former resident of Boston, I can tell you most people don't think much of Harvard. They think a lot of themselves, which is why everyone dislikes them. They aren't even best of the Ivy League (that goes to Princeton) and they alienate themselves from the community, refusing to participate in most local Boston collegiate competitions unless they are running things (except the Beanpot, which they usually lose anyway). They also buy up blocks of the city just to be dicks.

They're not even the best school in the Boston area. That goes to MIT

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This. Harvard is a triumph of branding over merit.

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grabs popcorn

Lemme know when the bullets start flying

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Gon be dancin and singin and we gon do a Soul Train line like in the tv.

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This is from a couple years ago.

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I guess that means they'll graduate one student every 7 years then?

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