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Wow, so much to say really. This is really a mind fuck, while Nazi Germany is said to have been the civilization closest to nature, Germany was also the most technologically advanced nation at the time, with high reverence for architecture in its cities. But also, Germany had a clear reverence for nature and the farmer, as it encouraged farming and rural living as the life-blood of the Nation. (Blood and Soil Policy, watch Blood and Soil on Youtube) I wouldn't get trapped in this box the writer is supposing. He's making a dichotomy that isn't true, and he's playing a Jewish trick on you. He's making the delineation between mercurians and apolloians. There are two ways for humanity to exist on this earth, we can live by nature (r-selection) or by civilization & morals (k-selection)....to say that gentiles abide by nature is completely silly, we invented modern civilization & morals, and this is because we are the most well-rounded group of people on earth. Obviously, what we need is a healthy respect for both nature & civilization. Just like we need a healthy respect for both the individual & the group.

The crazy thing is that the whole reason Jews have never gotten along with Gentiles is because they are hunter-gatherers (nature/r-selection) They are just smart hunter-gatherers, as opposed to people like sub-saharan Africans or Australians Aborigines. Really, they are the ones who come from people who wholly abide by nature, this is why they don't ever do hard work, and an agrarian (k-selection/civilizational) society requires the input of hard work by farmers, avoiding & controlling nature. Jews don't do work because they are not agrarian people.

Also, realize that living in civilization, rather than nature, is what keeps us from being able to solve our group preference problem. Because in nature, you can just kill, or at least threaten, anyone you don't want among you (and today we don't even have the freedom to verbalize that we don't want certain people among us) But here in civilization, you just have to put up with it, and there is nothing you can do, TPTB can essentially replace you, you can't fight back because we live in a moral society where you cannot inflict upon the rights of an individual. And also, basically, the more they push this system, the more of a police state develops to fight against not only the shit people you have imported, but the native people who are against it.

So really, we need a healthy respect for both, and we should integrate our technology with nature.

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Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

200 Years Together by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald


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Great content, including the conclusion.

I would like to discuss this bit further

we can live by nature (r-selection) or by civilization & morals (k-selection)

Nature contains both r and k selected animals. Civilization functions with both as well, as you evidenced comparing Jews and Africans to agrarian peoples.

R selected is simply high resource availability. Everything else is in response to that stimulus: low in group preference, low/no future planning, prone to violence over communication, high reproduction numbers and low investment in offspring.

Does that really describe the Jews?

At least TPTB, while lacking in ethics, they are quite k selected, if not most ashkenz.

K selected is farming, and it is Western Civilization, but it is not (((civilization))). The r selected live off welfare and the k selected.

I might've had a bit of a revelation here, critique it if you will.

In nature, the k selected live off the r selected.

In civilization, the r selected live off the k selected.

You can't support a civilization without a strong farming community. They are the most k selected folk in civilization. They are also bled the most as the r selected flourish.

K selected creatures, like humans, live off r selected creatures, like herbivores, in nature.


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Ya man, I agree with what you are saying. It's highly complicated, and really what I said only scratches the surface. The Jews are a non-agrarian people, that before civilization, depended on high resource availability (hunter/gatherer), and after civilization, continued on that path.

I don't really believe society is a Jewish concept. No, I don't really believe in "The Jewish Century" either, but there definitely is some truth to it. We speak English, the English have had more influence on global culture than anybody, and close to 100% of our modern technology comes from Europe. They have had vast amounts of influence on the society, but it is not something of their own undertaking or building. They have been able to take advantage of Western Civilization very well, Western Civilization is perfect for the Jews, as Western Civilization provides so many opportunities, and freedom, for them to undertake positions where they don't have to do any real work.

The k selected are the only ones able to build society. The r selected pattern is based on nature and resource availability. The k selected don't exactly take advantage of the r selected, and if they do, it doesn't exterminate them, that's why they have massive breeding patterns. You cant have a civilization without morals (high trust society) and then the morals of civilization are used against it in order to facilitate the breeding r selected.


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Good post my dude.

The crazy thing is that the whole reason Jews have never gotten along with Gentiles is because they are hunter-gatherers (nature/r-selection) They are just smart hunter-gatherers, as opposed to people like sub-saharan Africans or Australians Aborigines.

That's because of cold-selection. Just felt like adding that.

You should do effortposts.


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The crazy thing is that the whole reason Jews have never gotten along with Gentiles is because they are hunter-gatherers (nature/r-selection) They are just smart hunter-gatherers, as opposed to people like sub-saharan Africans or Australians Aborigines

Nailed it. Once you realize the Khazars are direct descendents of Neanderthals, everything begins to make sense.



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Dude....? We're direct descendants of Neanderthals, and I'm pretty sure NW Europeans have more Neanderthal DNA than anybody. But yes, Jews, and some Asians as well have Neanderthal DNA as well.


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love of life vs love of death


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Yup. This shit's in the Bible too. No tattoos, no bringing in evergreens for yule and other native European religious practices.

People don't realize the Abrahamaic religions are opposed to the native European religious beliefs. Not a single thing in any of their beliefs had anything to do with anything/anyone in Europe. It's not our religion.


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Abrahamaic religions

Call them what they really are - the desert religions.


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they are alien to our peoples. we are not arabs, semites or the like.


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We made it our religion by basically copying the pagan traditions. I have a nice copypasta for this that I can't bother to dig up, but the point is that religions do not necessarily equal values. South Americans/Mexicans took Christianity and made it completely different from European Christianity, same with Africa etc. Christianity never used to be cucked, but it has been corrupted and turned into a jew-loving abomination. This is the opposite of how it always was, since Jesus Christ himself was a white man who told all the jews to stop sinning and come back to God. They of course rejected him and now they are Godless parasites with no reverence for nature.

European Christianity and Paganism have more to do with each other than any other religions on Earth, because they are both European. They have the same values.


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Jesus Christ himself was a white man



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I don't know what the earliest natural protections laws were, but I know that they weren't in Nazi Germany. Theodore Roosevelt created the National Park System in 1916 and long before that, Ancient Rome protected beaches to ensure public access for all of its citizens.


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Even in the middle ages I'm pretty sure it was death if you were chopping trees or hunting in the King's forests, so I think those laws sort of count too.


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That had more to do with everything belonging to the (((king))) than conservation.


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Archive link of the article in question.

Be warned, in typical jewy fashion, it's long and you can feel the hand wringing.

There's no Jewish conspiracy, goy. That would be ridiculous. Your statements are concerning to World Jewry, however...


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They hate nature because it is real.. gravity is real the seasons change... they cant manipulate and jew people with out their religion and the offspring islam and christianity are making it easier.. the goy believe they are going to heaven and jew jesus will forgive them.. now they will not care if they are poor and have a miserable life because it will be better when they die.. as the Jews get richer and richer and more powerful and live in heaven on earth with the goy sheeple in masses waiting to die so they can get their rewards... fuck all the abhramic religions


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Jews really are aliens.

They come from a world filled with death.


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Can't wait to accuse liberal hippy chicks of being anti-semites

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