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The Christian jews in Israel are treated like shit

Bullshit. Christians are overrepresented in Israeli higher education and technical skilled jobs.

Literally most of them are of upper middle caste. I knew some Israeli Christians, from different races like Arabs, Jews, Assyrians, Slavs, irl.

Christians are getting many discriminations, but are only mostly in US, UK, Sweden, France, Germany, and similar countries where there is systematic institutionalized purge against conservative christians.

I'm sick of all these bullshit about Israel spouted by ignorant fucks who never even live in Israel.


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Ok, lets start with ONE simple point. You would expect something like this would be a basic sign of respect, but its so prevalent even google can't hide it:


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Jerusalem. Dunno. I don't go there.

Anyway that never happens when I was there.

Also all of those news are from the same pro-palestine/progressive sites which is how I know they are all leftist bullshit propaganda.