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I think you need to understand the different contexts on which Israel is named in the Bible. Some will talk specifically of the people that despite being initially the ones chosen by God, they fell apart from his grace: the jews in the letter. Others will refer to the chosen ones that believe in Jesus Christ. Hens the jews in the Spirit, meaning Christians.

I understand you want to denounce a possible shill. A Jew in the letter, but if you have no proof of your claims then your post is really vague.

If you don't like the guy fine, go for it. But don't state that you are denouncing a kike because you don't have proof of anything you stated. You just don't like the guy. Good for you, carry on. If you have proofs bring them to the table.

A true Christian will tell you that the country of Israel was created by the satanist cabal, mainly to confuse gentiles from who the real people of Israel are: the jews in the Spirit. Read Romans, 2 : 28-29.

If you don't believe in God fine. But at least understand the word before generalizing that Christians support Israel the country. We do not. We support the people of the church of Israel that believe in Jesus Christ.


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Its all racism here. They lump all jews by genetics, not by which God they follow. The Christian jews in Israel are treated like shit by their own genetic people, but that's ok, kill all jews.


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The Christian jews in Israel are treated like shit

Bullshit. Christians are overrepresented in Israeli higher education and technical skilled jobs.

Literally most of them are of upper middle caste. I knew some Israeli Christians, from different races like Arabs, Jews, Assyrians, Slavs, irl.

Christians are getting many discriminations, but are only mostly in US, UK, Sweden, France, Germany, and similar countries where there is systematic institutionalized purge against conservative christians.

I'm sick of all these bullshit about Israel spouted by ignorant fucks who never even live in Israel.