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I like how all the gumballs are raping Sweden right now.


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And Germany, those nasty gumballs have a rape fetish for germany too.


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We have a problem with gumballs here in America too. Seems like 6% of the gumballs commit 56% of the crime here.

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I understand the implication, this is a silly way to place the idea though, he's trying to tip toe around two things. Heres the first.

natio, latin, means race, a people. Nation is a land, a place, for your people, race. The purpose is to protect your peoples most important job of all, motherhood.

second: I'm a racial preservationist, 'racist' is a whitephobic racial slur used to stop whites from doing what is best for white survival. He doesn't want to be called 'racist'. The economics don't matter, at all.


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Being labeled a racist is a death sentence in today liberal society. Calling you a he if you identify as a she can end your world as a white man. Yet if I'm a certain religion it's perfectly ok to throw people off buildings.


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I understand, generally agree. If someone attacks you with 'racist' call them whitephobic and tell them you are a racial preservationist who cares for the survival of whites.

Don't know what to tell you about the tranny thing though, I'd rather be thrown in a cell for the rest of my life than not tell someone there are only sexes, two of them, and that trannies are insane.

How do you feel about secession?


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I'm not white so nobody can call me racist.

Sometimes it feels good to know that I'm not being systematically genocided. My wife is less fortunate, I guess.

Maybe next time I'll tell you how hard it was to convince my wife that her people are being genocided.


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Nothing ever got better by adding gumballs to it. Gonna my new incognito phrase.