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Oh for fuck's sake. It is perfectly okay to be whatever colour you're born. You're just being a retard for the sake of it at this point.


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You need to open your eyes and meet more niggers.


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Telling someone that it's not okay to be something that they genetically are, something that was determined before they were conceived, is beyond stupid. I am not a fan of black culture; it's got an awful lot of serious problems and you can see how it plays out in black communities across the US. But saying that it's not okay to be black is entirely illogical - no thought has been put into the logic of making such a statement, or all the implications of such an opinion. It's nothing more than an emotion-based knee-jerk misplaced reaction to the anti-white sentiments of the day. The problem is not their skin colour; it's the behaviour of the loud-and-proud ignorants of the black community who fuck things up for the ones who give a shit.