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This is wonderful! Now, every “ain’t got nowhere to shit” asshole in the world will be living at Starbucks. The crappers in a lot of their stores will be looking and smelling like the crappers in bus terminals, subway stations and train stations in no time flat. Their bathroom maintenance budget will skyrocket. Those whiny, smarmy baristas will hate having to clean the crappers 10x as often, so staff turnover will probably increase dramatically. Best of all--wait until the Mudslimes get there with their “no using toilet paper allowed” religion and start leaving their post-ass-rinse splatter on the shithouse walls. The baristas will love that and the paying customers will love it even more, so it could help knock receipts down even further.

This is just win-win-win-win all the way around and it might even be the beginning of the end of Starbucks.


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I went there and shit on the floor in the women's john in 3 places already.

And that diarrhea type shit ... sweet