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Well, for Finance, you still can finance pussy though and climb the hierarchy by sucking dicks and offering your pussy.


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Not really. Performance is return based. If your portfolio returned 15% and the average was 17% with similar beta, say goodbye to your bonus and promotion that year. No asskissing will save you if your numbers don't vouch for you.

Witu that said, it's easier for girls to get entry level positions.

But while rising the ranks, plain numbers are much less open for interpretation.

The whole diverse people have different unique ideas bit doesn't work in finance either. Your diverse ideas don't mean shit if they can't generate returns.

I am yet to see any blacks or women consistently return above the market after fees. Never seen an asian too, surprisingly. It's almost always the whites/jews/indians who do well here.


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I had a funny idea on how to make a ton of money off these retarded assholes.

Make a company called Garbage Trucks that makes garbage trucks out of 100% post consumer recycled material.

Even if they are piles of junk or garbage the headlines will sound positive to 99% of the people who only read headlines anyways.