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IT and Finance.

The two industries where lies don't work.

You either code well or you don't. You either generate alpha or you don't.

Where there's balck and white, things sre clear.

That's why feminists love grey areas: Cancer research, STEM research, psychology, Human Resources. Where there's no real objective way to measure things.


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This is why I love coding. I used to do the design part of web design and it fucking sucks. Gotta read people's minds and give them what they want even if they don't know what they want.

When it comes to coding the designs, it either looks like the mockup, or it doesn't. Straight forward as fuck. I stick to being creative in my personal life, where it doesn't suck the life out of me.


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There used to be this really good graphic design studio that wouldn't allow people to come in and change their designs like clients always want to do. Their thing was you get what we give you because we are professionals and you're an idiot who doesn't know how to design so leave it to us. That wasn't the exact wording but that's basically what they were saying. And they had huge clients and really good designs because the clients weren't allowed to ruin the designs.


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Fuck if this aint the motha trucking truth. I'm a web dev at my job and most of the time, I'll look for a template to work off of and then code away.


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Poker is even more cut and dry. Which is why there's virtually zero high level female poker players and actually zero anywhere near the top. 100% meritocratic. No one cares what race/gender/sexual orientation you have and certain types of players just perform better than other demographics.


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Well, for Finance, you still can finance pussy though and climb the hierarchy by sucking dicks and offering your pussy.


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Not really. Performance is return based. If your portfolio returned 15% and the average was 17% with similar beta, say goodbye to your bonus and promotion that year. No asskissing will save you if your numbers don't vouch for you.

Witu that said, it's easier for girls to get entry level positions.

But while rising the ranks, plain numbers are much less open for interpretation.

The whole diverse people have different unique ideas bit doesn't work in finance either. Your diverse ideas don't mean shit if they can't generate returns.

I am yet to see any blacks or women consistently return above the market after fees. Never seen an asian too, surprisingly. It's almost always the whites/jews/indians who do well here.


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Feminists just cruise, taking paycheck for doing almost nothing, while the "patriarchy" picks up her slack.

I'm sick of all these "politically correct" diverse companies in libtard nations.

One of these days we really need to round up every liberal on earth and just fucking shot them or something. "Western progressive" movement does not benefit me at all and on the contrary, it has been a terrible thing.