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Yes, ignore the fact that men's suicide rates have increased more. Also ignore that men's suicide rates were already WAY higher. Laughingstock of journalism.


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Also, this is what some people refer to as 'data mining', which is not a compliment in the way that I'm using it.

For example, cotton prices will probably go up 5% tomorrow, then they'll go back down 5% the next day. Happens every day that the markets are open. It's not news. A small change in suicide rates is not news. When this stuff gets published, all that this means is that it's a slow day for news.


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My friend killed herself last January and it broke my heart for her.


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Whenever people talk of some noteworthy event, I first want to see the context and how noteworthy this is compared to other ones in the same arena. So as you say, let's see suicide data over many years and find what the variation is from year to year. These increases might not be trends, rather noise. And if they are trends, they might not be as significant as the absolute rate being high.