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What you dumb fucks seem to be missing is that the nazi muh joos narrative pushers are OVERLOOKING the fact that within their realm of tools for pushing the narrative exists the ever present assertion (which is entirely accurate) that Jews really in fact praise and pray to Satan, which brews the occult systems, which continually, as it always has, pushes for the disruption of christian and other theistic influence.

You fucking retards are missing this important key fact within the NARRATIVE you're pushing with muh joos.

I want you new retards to understand this though: there IS a jewish issue, but to assert they sit at the top of the food chain above the FAMILIES is utter nonsense, and any researcher/intel operative worth his salt will LAUGH IN YOUR FUCKING FACE if you insist that jews aren't being used by families to facilitate a red herring for them to scapegoat fault when 1776 returns.

You incompetent motherfuckers can't even keep your own narratives in check.


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families? You mean Rothschild and Rockefeller? So jews


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Jesus, slow down!

Balfour Declaration. Now, think this through for a minute: what purpose would it serve the families to construct a NATION itself for people they control? Think geo-political reasons, think economic reasons...

There's a reason we aren't suppose to find out who "controls the jews."


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Nice try, kike. The jews are getting exposed and now you want to "Q" style a new super secret organization that are not jews, but also are using jews as scapegoats.



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Nope, they're not really super secret. They're world elite familes that many people speak of. Of course, of those families there may very well be just as many that act as good guys, in the same way that there are likely some black sheep in each subsection of the families, and so on.

Some of us are trying to actually hammer down exactly who those people may be, so we research and investigate in public forum places like this. What makes it harder, however, is when people like yourself come in and bog everything down by going, "IT'S THE JEWS!" which, although likely technically not incorrect, it's still not specific enough for us to take any meaningful action.

See, what you're doing is obscuring things, which derails investigations, divides forum communities, and corrupts the integrity of this medium for communication. This is precisely the thing that people like me try to prevent.

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Not quite. But, it's funny, you know? This always happens to be the type of argument I'm in when someone compares me to sanegoat. It makes you sort of think... did he maybe have a point? I mean, sure, he didn't do it the right way, but you can see some times I've interacted with him in my comment history if you really are curious, if not then fuck off.


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People are not buying what you are selling. What does your "intel operative" saying, lmao.


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We know what you're doing here, and your parapraxis will reveal you.