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reddits/facebook banning of the Alt-Lite community started to turn this place into an echo chamber like 8chan, not that I always disagree with them. Sometimes they are correct and there are Jews like Soros involved in globalism, internationalism, media etc However its not just Jews, there are many kinds involved British, Saudi, Iranians, French you name it they sell this open borders media crap. I have lurked here months and months, years. One time I asked about this social media platform and people warned me to stay off voat, it was sexist, racist, homophobe bla bla but I remember the days when the internetz tolerant for all kinds, free speech more anarchy and anyone could say nigger jew faggot cunt, i like voat but its echos come in waves, one time it was berine people, then atheist types and now reddit fascist with Spez huffmann banning the loser fags from the Alt-Right arrive, not that I disagree with Alt-Lite fags always ...i mean sometimes they are correct but they are losers to have got their ass kicked by reddit...and also does a real Alt-Right even exist? Why does the media use the term and why do they not use Alt-Left? if there is an Alt-Right should there not also by logic be an Alt-Left? Another thing I notice is with the Alt-Lite many of them outright refuse to criticize islam, one the assholes Ramblin Rambo? was a reddit fascist and when he could not get his way on voat, the spammed up sub forums with abusive smut porn of Black Negroids gang banging and abusing Blonde women... it is possible Alt Lite losers like this on voat, trying to be 'White Nationalists' are in Fact Niggers themselves or islamist Arabs trying to pass as European.


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You've been here for 25 days faggot


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"Hello, fellow Voaters"


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Alt-Lite is what we call the skeptics, rabbi. Maybe you should re-read your instructions.