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[–] Le_Squish 2 points 16 points (+18|-2) ago 

Dearest lovely, Putt,

For whatever reason, at this point in history, instead of just a guy that writes code, you have become one man holding back the darkness. You didn't ask for this burden and it is honestly more than most people can bare.

But what you do is not for naught. They attack you because they know they cannot win unless they convince you to stop playing.

There are few men left with courage and principles. I want to see you get through this.

Most importantly, we can't help your burden if you never tell us what you need and how much it cost. If you asked it of us, we would send you on a vacation today. Bots could automate announcements and updates. We could research payment processors for you. You could even give us a proper scolding for being shitheads if that is what you need.


[–] 12652763? 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

Great comment. We all want to help Putt in this most crucial of fights, but we need to know how.


[–] Le_Squish 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

I suspect we can monetize our outlandish culture through merchandising but I need numbers. I've been looking at finances for social media and noticed none of them have a real plan outsidr of initial seed money and selling info to feds. Also, none of them have endured as long as places like 4chan. We will have to forge a unique path ahead. Will be interesting.