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I've been over this before. There is far more to it than a mere few minutes of writing. Backlash, planning, response times, risk of stirring shit by not having time or sufficient understanding to answer certain questions, coupled with personal choices about how and when and what will be within certain announcements, and you have a more complex issue AND Putt has already made clear that he has no intention of posting an announcement "five minute" variety or otherwise, until after he fixes some of the active glaring issues with Voat via an update push.

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You could at the very least acknowledge that we have legitimate criticisms, but you can't even do that.

Here are two instances where I clearly acknowledged the criticisms are not without warrant: [1], [2]. I have done so in other places as well but I don't care to go looking for them. My point is not that people's criticisms are "illegitimate"; it's that people are drawing conclusions based on fear rather than the available evidence and arguments.

I mean yeah, that's nonsense. That's what we've been saying. You're now using our own argument to counter our argument? Interesting choice, that.

What are you even talking about?