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I'm gonna come out of the closet with this extraordinary revelation: I definitely have more fun on my motorcycle than I do listening to women bitch.


[–] BlowjaySimpson 10 points 11 points (+21|-10) ago 

Agreed, but don't be a borderline incel pussy bitch angst fag about it, and start a family.


[–] B166-ER 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

The only thing more depressing to me than dying single and a virgin in old age is the thought of settling for one of these shallow, dumb, materialistic cunts who laughed with pleasure at my misfortune when I was 16-25. Having never attracted a female, they all seemed to get pleasure from shooting me down as if to add to my misery made them feel more powerful.

I don't see any worthwhile women anywhere. When I do I'll probably try to marry her, but honestly she better hurry I'm well into my 30's now. At some point, I think you do lose it if you never use it.


[–] Womb_Raider 3 points 2 points (+5|-3) ago 

Get a sports car instead.

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I have both.


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A sports car simply isn't an option for most people. If you have the money to spend on buying and maintaining a proper sports-car, you have enough to afford to pay for prostitutes, if you're not already swimming in pussy from hopeful gold-diggers.

Conversely, your average mgtow is a broke ass college student, or recent divorcee. Either way, not enough money for a sports car.

A motorcycle:

  • Is faster than 99% of vehicles on the road, even the twofiddies.

  • Gives your life a sense of pure adrenalin and enjoyment

  • Immediately includes you a community of other bike people. Everyone from engineers, professors, workers, writers, to bat-shit crazy daredevils. You ride, I ride, we are friends. If you want friends, get a bike, and go on group rides.

  • Is a skill based activity, it doesn't matter if you have the latest GP prototype bike, or a shitty '89 CBR 250 RR, if you can ride, you'll be quicker in the twisties.

  • Reminds you how precious your life really is. You're vulnerable on bike, and near-misses / offs will happen. Nothing like a near-death experience to light a fire under your ass to get your life back on track.

All this for what? 4k? That's what my bike and gear were worth when I was a broke uni student.

And yes, it is very, very dangerous. But what is it they say about house cats? They live longer or something?


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Meh. Why not a sports car and a bike?


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Your motorcycle can't give you kids and continue your family line.


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The point here is to not give in to your base desires.