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Virtue signalling rejected. You're a faggot.

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"I don't like tatoos" is truth

Loudly proclaiming what you consider to be the socially accepted position, especially when it revolves around posturing yourself as morally('morals' being analogous to 'virtues') superior to others, is the VERY definition of virtue signalling.


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Comment is funny on it's own but it's an incorrect identification of virtue signaling given the political climate. And he's being too explicit

Also, I'm not sure of the exact problem with tattoos except for it being verification that someone "touched them there" and given the hyper sexually charged social atmosphere we live in , especially for women, those tattoos touching her there nearly guarantee a fucked up mind. Not to mention you know every guy banging her (and there surely were many) was like "duuur I'm gonna cum on the tattoos"

Edit: what was the comment?


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lol degenerate kike brainwashed retard