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Goats, While I agree the events of the last week are strange, I don't think this is a sophisticated attack.

Were this site to be hijacked by serious people, it would have been seamless, and some Putt Sock Puppet would have instantly appeared to put all of our fears to rest.

Atko's explanation was curt, what I expect from someone who tried to get out, but keeps getting pulled back in.

The last time the FBI took over a site to Honeypot it, it was with a kiddie porn site, and they IMPROVED the performance of the site to draw more "customers".

The serious people are way way to good to allow the targets(us) to catch on.

Maybe Putt is just bored with us. Running a site this big, by yourself for no money is a big drain, and is a huge potential for burnout. It can take a long time to find the motivation again after burnout had hit.

Seeing the worlds bullshit it's real and gross conspiracies it holds may make us hyper sensitive to conspiracies....maybe.

Now this is the part where I'll be branded a shill...


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I think you're right.

I mean even if this is a honeypot, it's not like you're giving any information to the site other than username and password, which means, nothing, really, and can't be used to find your real life identity. And if you access this site through necessary precautions, you should be pretty safe.


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And even if they know who you are, they can't do anything to you anyway.

Oh, you're a racist? You like guns and Trump? That shit is protected by the constitution, get fucked fbi.

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"honeypot"...for what tho? doesnt that imply "illegal activity"...am i missing something?

all i see on VOAT is: articles on the Democrat party being super shady, articles on how the U.K. citizens are getting kicked around like they are a soccer-balls as they lose rights, examples of forced migration getting statistically proven as a bad idea, and sometimes speculation on certain mainstream news narratives based on relevant evaluation, respective to each circumstance.

what are people worried or concerned of? ive never come on here advocating violating laws or suggesting violence/harm to anyone, nor have i ever seen anyone else indicate that.


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And you haven't been branded a shill. I think most of us agree with you.

The thing is, Voat can be a full time job. Remember the donation drive?

Here's my proposal: https://voat.co/v/AskVoat/2509338


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Maybe Putt is just bored with us.

Or realized that there is no way he can keep his sanity and respond to every crackpot out there.

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$7.7 Million in Voat's bitcoin wallet

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After posting this I've come to find out you are not wrong.


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What was the post? It's deleted now.

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This reads as if you received a response. It has only been 1.8 hours. You have given a day.


[–] 9-11 8 points 16 points (+24|-8) ago 

Until atko/puttitout tweet from twitter.com/voatco I will assume the site was hijacked/seized.


[–] PuttItOut 52 points 30 points (+82|-52) ago 

Can't wait to post an update with a new canary... after your ultimatum deadline.


[–] chmod [S] 22 points 39 points (+61|-22) ago 

Your post is completely out of character for the Justin I've known for over three years. I'm gone.

Guys: this site has been purchased by someone else and Putt and Atko are under an NDA. RUN!


[–] PuttItOut 37 points 72 points (+109|-37) ago 

I could say the same thing. I thought about being nice but you are the one laying down an ultimatum. It gets old. Like you've said, it's been 3 years. Three years of people doing the same thing you are doing now.

You'll see when I have time to make a post that everything is really ok and you are over reacting based entirely on false assumptions.

The truth is no one cares what you guys post(its all public lol), there is no gag order, no conspiracies, just a site with politically incorrect memes and an upward and difficult road just to stay online.

I will miss you, but I will not kneel to you.


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Not being able to delete your account is the dead give away.

The real putt would never do that. That is just being vindictive.

If it is a mistake then would not @puttitout just say so?

Global ban... why would You of all people get a global ban?

THAT is what is Out of character.


[–] Caesarkid1 9 points 8 points (+17|-9) ago 

Sounds like he was damned if he did and damned if he didn't say something.

"Oh he coulda been nice!"

Maybe he was joking?


[–] Samsquamch 16 points 2 points (+18|-16) ago 

You actually got a response from him and you wasted it with your hysterics.


[–] Venturer 15 points 32 points (+47|-15) ago 

Jesus Christ PuttItOut. Why the fuck should we trust you at this point?!

You're never active

You haven't done any subverse transfers for ages

You haven't made a statement on the downtime the other day

Cache issue is still a thing after what? a year or more

You only show up when someone makes a comment that says some fuckery is happening.

The fucking github hasn't been updated for ages either. Just looks like a front to say "Hey we're open sourced" but in all reality its just a front.


[–] NoBS 6 points 12 points (+18|-6) ago 

The name of the game is Psychological Warfare and the CIA has personality data on all of us.

Under estimating them is why Putt is most likely dead. Sure, he could have survived the programming and his replies would make more sense, but right now it sounds like he lost his battle and we have the "angry" Putt version 1.0



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Why so petty?


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This is Voat, niggerfaggot. It rubs off on everyone eventually.


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Putt, you're actually scaring us. If this is actually you, please stop.

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What about the canary would effect you being on this site?


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Dude. Seriously? I guess shit's gotta break to make changes but Seriously? One of the oldest -longest running- Goats I've met here.

Bummer. I hope putt chimes in.


[–] chmod [S] 1 points 39 points (+40|-1) ago  (edited ago)

You've been here long enough to know something is seriously wrong. No updates on finances, Putt is acting weird even for him.

Like I told my bi-polar daughter's boyfriend: run away.

Take care.


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Something is fucked. That's for sure.

It can't be difficult to make an announcement.

Just "hey I'm alive, here's an update."


[–] 12599772? 16 points -1 points (+15|-16) ago 

Putt has commented on finances and nothing he has said is in anyway way "weird" or out of character. You're being inflammatory and destructive.


[–] XAPHAN 2 points 24 points (+26|-2) ago 

yeah ... it is just about time to say goodbye to this crazy place.

There is something not quite right going on.

No store. Can't donate. Yet the site is still up and running,

Putt and Atkos last words seem a bit simplistic. ( I will just turn a few knobs. Nothing to see here. Everything is Hunky Dory. )

Starting to feel like a fish in a barrel.



[–] MadWorld 6 points 24 points (+30|-6) ago 

Goodbye chmod, from one honeypot to another!


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The reason some people are upset is because we have invested into this site when we could. I remember before all the shops were closed we were all digging our hands into our pockets for this place.

I've donated hard cash, bought a hoodie and also a t shirt. Doesn't sound too much but considering I'm a britbong it was far more expensive having them shipped over than what they cost. But I did because I wanted to support.

I've put just as much expense into Voat as I have some hobbies.


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Putts recoded the entire site over the summer, over LONG nights and weekends. He appreciates everyone's support, I am sure.

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