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It never ceases to surprise me when I see images or videos of Hitler doing something a normal human does. For my whole life his name has been a byword, and I only ever thought of him as being pure evil. Seeing him doing something gentle like touching a crying child's face is just so weird to me, even now that I'm no longer entirely on board with the 6 gorillion holocaust narrative.

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no longer entirely on board

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I say that because I haven't put in any effort researching the holocaust myself. I know what the narrative says but I haven't looked into the other side personally. I've just heard things people are saying, and it's enough to make me question, let's just say that.

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Do yourself a favor and educate yourself.

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I was in the same boat as you and I remember how shocked I was if I heard people seriously say that Hitler was a nice guy. When Reddit purged a few subreddits a long time ago I went on 8chan pretty much to replace my Reddit browsing session. Younger (and curious) me asked how they believed Hitler was a nice guy and they red pilled me. Hard. I remember my first red pill being a meme about how the "gas chambers" weren't real and would've impossibly functioned (it had stuff pointed out like disconnected chimneys from a "concentration camp" and how it was more of a labor camp rather than an all out death camp). Oh boy, the second red pill was way harder to swallow because a few anons linked me to The Greatest Story Never Told like some of the comments are doing now.

I went from typical conservative to a holocaust skeptic and then to an outright holocaust denier, then to a Nazi sympathizer within a matter of a few days of being on 8chan. Finally I found a slower, crappier version of this gif I posted on 8chan /pol/ today, and I was still caught off guard by how Hitler looked and the girls face and I felt like I was going to cry. I still couldn't believe that it was real so I looked up a source and I actually found it in much higher quality. So I rendered an extended higher quality version of the one I found then posted it on 8chan then here because I wanted to see people like yourself surprised and other people like me still be in awe on how human Hitler was.

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if i can find the screenshot i will post it. basically states that if gas chambers and ovens were burning 24 hours a day using MODERN more efficient crematoriums the number of deaths couldn't have been higher than 125,000.

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Implying you won't be just like that if somebody makes the place you live judenfrei for you.

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I'll admit I almost got teary-eyed the first time I saw this through a 5 frames per second gif I saw on 8chan before finding the source video to render this. She was so happy. What I would give to feel what she felt...

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I love this clip. It really shows the Fuhrer's connection with his people. He was truly loved.

We owe it to ourselves, our ancestors, and our children to finish Hitler's great work.

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Hitler himself finished the only good thing he ever did.

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Well aren't you just a cheeky little shit.

You're obviously jealous that no one will ever look at you with a fraction of the respect and admiration present in the faces of those people fortunate enough to have met the Fuhrer.

Gas yourself.

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"Bitch better have my masterrace!"

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Anyone see how efficient a salute transistions into a handshake? Also, the person saluting would shake the leaders hand from the dominant position equalizing the hierarchy for a brief moment of respect.