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OKCupid tailors it's match results based on the click-through rate for your profile. If your profile doesn't get clicked on for explored very often, relative to how often it is featured in match results for other users, then the match results that you see, will also be users with low click-through rates. Basically, if you're ugly and unappealing, OkCupid will show you ugly and unappealing people that other people also think are ugly and unappealing. They don't talk about this part of their matching algorithm very much anymore, but a few years ago they sent me an email explaining it in sufficient detail, because I had a high click-through rate.

Also, unrelated to anybody's click-through rate, okcupid has bought, hook line & sinker, into the whole transgender bullshit movement, which is why you see tranny fags in your match results.

Stop using OkCupid. Focus on meeting people in the real world.