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OKC is owned by IAC who also owns Match Group (this includes Tinder and PlentyofFish), Vimeo,,, The Daily Beast and many others. Bill Clinton's daughter is a board member of IAC, which alone should say everything. They wish to control the narrative like they've always done.

This of course takes its toll on the everyday joe who wishes to meet a nice, modest women who hasn't whored herself out secretly or "professionally" (escorts). The whole point is to corrode American culture and reprogram its citizens to accept self destruction. Women destroy their sanctity in the name of women's rights by opening themselves up sexually to anybody and using their sex appeal as a power base. Men in turn are programmed to cuck themselves and either worship the pussy at every corner, letting black men corrupt her permanently or taught to hate what women have become and instead turn homosexual to "compensate." I cannot tell you the amount of homosexual liberals I have come across. These people are being taught to take pleasure in harming their sense of identity, morality and sanctity. The globalists have played everyone's self hatred against themselves. Of course, the reasons are more intricate than this and you could write a whole book on this subject, I'm just laying the basics.

Finding a woke white woman who hasn't whored herself out and is mentally stable is extremely difficult. It doesn't help that with this economy, many are turning towards escorting to pay the rent.

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Spot on


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From day one, the very day you stopped talking face to face or writing by hand you allowed the machine to own. it was owned, dating by mail or VHS tape or whatever it was always a weird globalist thing, inbred people like the Jewish for example who have an inbred gene pool and inherited diseases would look for new blood to breed with, the rich Arab who didn't want to marry his cousin because in that part of Arabia everyone is mahomets cousin, that Arab Israeli Judean thing where they got tired of deformed children....they helped it take off. When you use facebook etc to chat to a family member, work college or lover they can now read all your private intimate messages and that's not even going down the rabbit hole of alison hush hush cheating dating websites. Time to go offline a while. plug out of the matrix, no longer giving Agent Smith an eternity of smut material, plug out of the illusion and talk to real friends in real life. The Machine now runs experiments AI finds the couple, the couple makes a child, the child is then a product of the AI, the next generation of voters engineered if you allow it.