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samson option.


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Thank you.


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Let me give you the brief.

https://youtu.be/mII9NZ8MMVM 1912 woodrow wilson jewish banker puppet passed 1913 federal reserve act. Granted jewish bankers control over the US banking and financial system. They used this wealth to buy majority of media. http://archive.is/G7FVW

Media is weapons of mass conformity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA-gbpt7Ts8

if they could buy wilson in 1912, who couldn't they buy in 2016? trumps first wife was a jew, all his kids are jews and are married to jews, trumps friends are jews, trump is jewish. The media, banking system, US government and so on is a big jewish puppet show.

Their goal is to exterminate the races, including the white race and control Earth bringing the population down to 500 million. https://kek.gg/i/32hK5G.jpg


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Israel ain't doing shit. Every single country in the world, besides maybe France, would team up to end that tiny shithole joke of a country