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So you agree with me that we need another option besides voat to be able to congregate that's shill-proof and anti-sjw. I'm ok with that. I'm growing weary of the internet lately and I'm making posts on a VPN. You can't post with a vpn on 4chan and 8chan, and sites like reddit completely prevent users from making new accounts if you're on a VPN. Will you allow users to post on VPN's?


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I have also posted on 8ch via vpn. So I imagine you just need a different vpn provider.


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What are you talking about? I don't know about 4chan but you can easily post on 8chan with a VPN. I've done so multiple times.


[–] nicevpneh [S] 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

I can't post there on my VPN.


[–] derkataIog 6 points -3 points (+3|-6) ago  (edited ago)

oh yes, not only agree, but after i proved that shills had taken over voat a year ago, i learned to code, grew a dev team, and have spent 6 months actively developing a replacement site. (after spending a shit ton of time figuring out the security of it all, as well as a couple other fun side projects).

privacy is a right. any site that stoops to TSA-level dislogic ie "muh spammers/people talk too much, so let's limit their ability to speak" etc) is not a site for free speech - that includes limiting a users' ability to protect their identifying information when connecting.

that = nearly if not all major and minor social networks on the front web today.

  • sanegoatiswear


[–] Dr_Shekel_Nigger 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

First off, you’re “sanegoatiswear”, and you’re not totally sane, so what you say has to be taken with a very big grain of salt. That being said, shills have gotten a definitive foothold and momentum on Voat. The most outrageous conspiracy theories are the ones that regularly make the front page these days. Are conspiracies going on? Absolutely. Is an agenda being foisted upon us by all the corporations, billionaires, media, and politicians who have dual citizenship with a particular other country? 100% yes. Were kids fucked in a pizza place? I don’t know; I don’t have enough evidence to draw a definitive conclusion, although podesta was clearly into pedo shit and a weirdo. Were school shootings staged? Fuck no! The gov is too incompetent to even pull such a thing off, and the media and politicians have already created the necessary ingredients and elements within our society for these shootings to occur organically anyway, without any MKUltra or staging. But the wildest of these conspiracies have recently been voted to the front page like they’re fact. And what does that do? It makes us look like we don’t check our sources, and like we don’t assess and analyze information with clear heads. It delegitimizes Voat as a platform and makes us look as basement dwelling as 4chan. The same shills or larpers or retarded basement dwellers who will say the government can’t find its ass with both hands, will say they think the gov can pull off organizing thousands of fake witnesses and videos here in the USA. Come on. Can they pull such a thing off thousands of miles away from home in a lesser developed nation like Syria? Of course. Or a crime with no witnesses like the poisoning in Britain? Quite possible. But the gov can’t fake a school shooting here in the USA, come the fuck on. And shills are getting statements that it is fact voted up to the top of our front page, repeatedly, to delegitimize is. And it works! Anyone who saw our front page after the Broward County school shooting would have laughed out loud and never come back, reinforced and reaffirmed in their belief that this is a website of mentally ill and Russian bots.

Anyway, it pisses me off. And so do self taught basement dwellers who are opinionated as fuck and consider themselves know-it-alls. I mean, how much does acting like a know it all when you have no formal education and genuine, hands-on, first-hand research in the field, exemplify the mindset of a teenager?

Anyway, /rant