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And still we have a bunch of retards on voat fighting to get in line to suck Trumps old limp dick. The guy is exactly like all the others, there's no denying it at this point without looking like a brain dead fool.

Sadly, there likely will still be no march on DC to burn it to the ground and kill every last one of them as needs to happen. Too many pussies unwilling to risk anything, much less everything for their descendants, only thinking of their selves and their big screen tvs.

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I think there's just a lack of organization. Mass movements of people are not going to be spontaneous. They have to be organized.

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OAN Investigative Reporter Finds No Evidence Of Chemical Weapon Attack In Douma, Syria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJGpaEUFTTg

Heads need to roll folks. Those fucking bastards have been lying to us since forever! God damn them all to hell.

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I don't think they fired these missiles for nothing. There must be a reason for it. The chemical attack nonsense isn't true, but why did they want to blow up this Syrian stuff so bad?

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For one thing they did to to boost the share prices of the manufactureres of the cruise missiles. For another thing they did it to appease the fucking Israelis For another thing they did it to keep USA Jews happy For another thing they did it thinking it would remove Assad as the duly elected head of the Syrian state There are a whole shitload of reasons, none better than any other.

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ROFL !!!

Thats'-a-good-one !