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Nigger's Slaves. They work so nigger's can have gibs. There's no choice in it. That's slavery.

We went from owning nigger slaves to being nigger's slaves, with jews orchestrating it all.

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Kinda funny how the Jews brought the slaves here in the first place and then turned around an instituted the civil rights movement....

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When coal mining was a thing...it’s now automated.

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Mmm. Still requires a lot of manpower. More focus on skilled labour than unskilled in order to operate machinery.

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Its still a thing. I live in coal country. But the industry has been hurting for a long time, no denying that

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Not totally. It's still a fucking dangerous job that required men driving drills deep underground. It's just become more automated over the years.

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White fucking privilege.

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Come to think of it, who the hell has ever seen a black coal miner?

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Work is racist.

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