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Racism against whites is allowed...?

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and encouraged.

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and financed.

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Great propaganda piece. They are basically saying "There is no site more dedicated to free speech than reddit" and "Our moderation policy is very light".

Might however be worth going all Poe's law against them. On reddit or Twitter if you like trolling them. Reddit is literally Hitler, now that they allow racism.

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The article claims that the conversation took place in 2015, so it's all a bunch of horseshit anyway.

Reddit doesn't allow racism or facts that cause discomfort to lefties.

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More like SJW mods and SJW subreddit created as safe spaces.

All SJWs has got to die. There's no other way.

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says the cia propaganda frontman.

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https://archive.fo/p0ofu :

Open racism and slurs are fine to post on Reddit, says CEO | Technology | The Guardian

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Talk dirty to us you dirty niggerfaggot like.

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Well yeah, if it's against whites. Anything else and it's removed and you're banned. Fuck them.

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