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its hilarious that she thinks they didnt enslave people. stone-cold retarded.

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1 this mud duck is not black yet she thinks as a globalist 'black' 2 Bantu expansion, Black Africans not only colonized and enslaved other blacks but also genocide them 3 the Afro Pill https://streamable.com/lymkd

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I don’t know what’s worse now. Muslims or niggers. That video was disgusting. It really is a shame for those kids in that video. They had no chance in life growing up in nigland.

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i noticed she isnt black and didnt make the claim she was in my comment. though, i can see why one would read it as me assuming she was black.

and i had heard about that, but it didnt come to mind. thanks for the reminder.

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The first thing the freed slaves from America did when they arrived in Wakanda...I mean Liberia, was to enslave the locals.

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see, thats sounds like what a black person would do.

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Marxist Public School System - niggers are angels that dindu nuffin... taking into account that dindu nuffin means slinging drugs, doing drive-bys, assaults and raping women.

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I explain this to my friends and they dont even acknowledge the claim they go strait to pointing out how racist I am.. or they say those numbers are wrong.. I tell them its FBI numbers... well your still racist.. it seems weird to me when some one points out a fact that is absolutely astounding it is ignored because muhhhhh racism.

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@Doglewarrior I feel you, It is helpful to point out that the FBI combines Hispanics with white’s in the murder stats to help make the blacks and illegals look less responsible. (Illegal Mexican immigrants commit 20 percent of the murder last I checked). But it is definitely hard to talk to most people about this, they really do just stick their fingers in their ears and shout “la la la la!” Lmao. My friend who worked at University of Portland basically gave me that reaction..... was a wake up call as to how hopeless it is currently.

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Niggers act stupid about this. They know why. Its just a game they want to play

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Like taking their time walking across the street?

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I don't know why they feel the need to walk in the road and hamper traffic. A couple of years ago we went to watch the fireworks show in town. This is a 99.1% white county. Apparently, a nigger traveler stopped off from the highway to take in the festivities. I watched as he walked across the parking lot of the store and right into the road. People were trying to get through but he stayed in the road looking at his phone. Then I heard some older country lady rip into his dumb ass and immediately a man on the other side of the road got in on this and said some things to the monkey. The monkey then slowly made his way out of the road. He's lucky because people here have zero tolerance for nigger bullshit

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Coalburning is destroying the environment, that's one reason.

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I think that's an Armenian woman. Basically western values to the hilt. Stupid picture to use.

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My jaw dropped reading the thread of 'support'. Just.... Unbelievable

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East Asians. What did they do? They didnt enslave people, or have slave classes, or try to take over continents. They make the most reliable cars and electronics, why hate them?

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