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The comment section is excellent. The left is on everyone's shit list.

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That's created market opportunities for substitute services, from Gab.ai (a Twitter alternative) to Brave (a web browser), from InfoGalactic (akin to Wikipedia) to Voat.co (a chat board site much like Reddit)—each of which advertises itself as committed to protecting free speech, privacy, and a diversity of viewpoints. D.tube, a decentralized video sharing site, boasts that, unlike YouTube, it is "not able to censor videos" due to built-in technological constraints.

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It's all planned.

They all conspired and paid to drove "conservatives" to honeypots such as the 100% kosher gabai (literally confirmed Mossad clickbait, like, cmon, even the name is certified kosher) and duckduckgo (Weinberg✡) or even Brave founded by Brendan Eich.

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That’s antisemetic