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If they let this loose in L.A. all the people will disappear lol.

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This is pretty awesome; what's dismaying is that scientists of any merit express surprise. We see adaptability for survival time and time again. Great news for the supposed Pacific Garbage Patch.

Probably break down into methane; watch somebody come out and screech to ban the enzymes.

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Only the assault enzymes

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In two years after they turn it loose in the Pacific, they'll announce that it breaks down plastic into AIDS.

Whoops! Sorry!

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That seems kinda dangerous.

Oops! Now anything plastic can randomly start decomposing!

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Dude! Where's my car!

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could weaponize it

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Time-release capsule in ever product, one day after warranty expires.

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Whew! Beats actually having to cut down on plastic use.

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https://archive.fo/lkhy0 :

Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles | Environment | The Guardian

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