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Dial 11 numbers and ask the responding stranger your question.

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OP has missed something critical. duckduckgo has openly partnered with yahoo. https://archive.fo/i76t1 i don't care what ddg claims on their privacy page. to me, that's a huge red flag. why? well, yahoo is a nigger. like, openly partner with the NSA to make software so the NSA can read every yahoo user's emails - level nigger. https://archive.fo/SZPrH

fuck duckduckNO and use searx.me instead. you can go to preferences and proxy search through dozens of sites from google all the way to voat that's right one of the options is to perma-set your search to include voat results. fuckin' nigger titties, even erowid is there. da fuq. fuck duckduckho.

  • sincerely, sanegoatiswear.

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Fuck yahoo, so fuck ddg too I guess. Their results suck donkey balls anyways.

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Nice one sane.

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Good to know thx. I hate fucking yahoo.

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How's stuff? Doing well, I hope?

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I like the idea.

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I use searx.me because it’s better

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I've been using searx.me too, and I haven't used DDG in a long while. DDG uses Yahoo search results.

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No wonder they're kind of complete crap sometimes.

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Hell, it's my browser's default search engine. I just type something in the address bar and hit enter.

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Yep, DDG also makes it easy to revert to Bing (!b) or Google (!g) for a second opinion by adding the respective bang/exclamation term to the query.




Note the ' !g' in the second query will tell DDG to redirect your browser to Google.

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I type in my address bar and it auto searchs for duckduckgo

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Until ddg.gg no longer goes directly to ddg.gg, or loads some malicious script. Had that problem with a script for automatically submitting to archive.is before.

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Please tell me that ddg is not a .gg domain. Because that TLD is owned by British secret service. OK panic over I just noticed the period.

Edit: it is dot com, would you mind clueing me up @fusir

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It's the "country code" for the island of Guernsey

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Top level domain. That belongs to mi5 and 6. .gg. Nice upvoating BTW. Thanks.

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Well ddg.gg does work. It just redirects to duckduckgo.com

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Or you can just make it the default search engine...no training needed.

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or just set the search in your browser to ddg

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