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On Twitter, the top surfaced responses to a similar thread were along the lines of "Only crooked lawyers are freaking out; they're just looking for evidence of a crime and if there was no crime then Trump has nothing to worry about."

I don't have the fortitude to drag all these people back from the edge of the abyss.

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Jesus, the cognitive dissidence is so strong that even this is un-salvageable. Better start praying and prepping boys, the long winter of stupid is still developing.

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Only crooked lawyers are freaking out; they're just looking for evidence of a crime and if there was no crime then Trump has nothing to worry about."

I don't have the fortitude to drag all these people back from the edge of the abyss.

It's not worth the effort. They're going to get everything that's coming to them in the years ahead. Maybe their grandchildren will be able to reclaim their freedom and rights as human beings.

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ah but drug testing welfare recipients is OK?

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Welfare recipients have applied for permission to steal my life from me using state force. Lawyers have a voluntary relationship with clients.

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How would it not be? They are getting government aid funded by taxpayers. It seems fair that they should be trying to work and not doing drugs.

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Your medical records already are up for sale.

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How so?

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Send me $50 and I'll tell you.

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The way things are going, pretty soon there will be no law and order. Then things can be settled properly, or reordered, if you will. Once everyone remaining is absolutely certain we have had enough of that, and order has been reestablished, then we can again have laws.

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Sadly you are probably correct. Let's hope the re-ordering is done by liberty minded people and not authoritarians.

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It will be done by those with the strength and stomach to do so. If you like your morals make fucking sure you are out there. NEVER rely on others to solve your problems.

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I really don't get what they're hoping to find. It totally feels like they're just trying to get anything on Trump. I mean, is anything they're accusing him of illegal? Worst case, the NDA they had Stormy sign...that's not illegal is it?

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Trump's Taj Mahal had the single biggest money laundering fine ever with over 100 violations right after opening. He paid the $10m!

10 Russian mobsters were busted in the Trump Tower.

The first FBI raids were on Trump's casino managers.

Do the fucking math...

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I don't think any of it is illegal, but some of it might be impeachable if it sways public opinion enough.

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The allged NDA. The whore is lying no matter how you look at it, so nothing she says can be believed. If she had an affair and signed an NDA, she's breaking it now, and is also guilty of lying under oath with the affidavit released stating no affair ever happened.

If the affidavit is correct and there was no affair, she's guilty of slander/libel against a sitting President, which could be considered part of a seditious conspiracy.

Plus all the pundits talk about how she "had a sexual affair with the President", except he wasn't the President then. He was just another citizen.

Either way, the Stormy Daniels thing is a whole bunch of wishful thinking on the left's part. If there was an affair, it was consensual. If there wasn't, they're grasping at phantoms.

And before anyone says "but Clinton had an affair and was impeached!", I'll remind you that 1) Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about the affair, not for having it, and 2) the affair was brought up by congress because it involved a sitting President using a position of power to solicit sexual favors from a subordinate, which spoke directly to his character, and therefore ability to govern.

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Just to throw some salt in the wound.....lmao


Update: Just minutes after Judge Wood ruled that Cohen's mystery "third client"'s identity had to be publicly disclosed, the name has been revealed - as so ordered.

It's Fox News host Sean Hannity.

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Why else would they be forcing doctors to get all their records on electronic databases? They are electronically sending prescriptions to pharmacies too. There is no more doctor/patient privacy.

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They haven't started selling the info to advertisers, yet....at least i dont think, lol

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Doctor patient confidentiality already died with the passage of Obamacare. This is why when you go to the hospital or talk to a doctor and they ask you if you own any firearms, you always decline to answer.

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if they ask me that i always tell them you better not set my arms on fire if you know whats good for you

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Being a Lawyer does not prevent you from being investigated if you are suspected of a crime. Period. In this case they are also being very careful to limit the information that could be A/C privilege with the use of a Taint Team to ensure that only the information that is pertinent to the case being investigated is brought to the trial.

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I understand that being a lawyer doesn't prevent you from investigation, but the fact that your clients or potential clients could be the reason you get investigated is a glaring issue. Why would any lawyer want to work with Trump? I think the FBI just literally shot themselves in the foot, this is a huge deal.

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