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Divide and conquer is real. So is the use of the pincer strategy. I.E. to control both sides, both outcomes, both choices presented to people.

McCain vs Obama, as an obvious one. Bush vs Gore, another. Still holding out hope in the Trump vs Clinton debacle, but its not looking good lately, despite 'Q's protestations that we 'trust the plan'.

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One D&C tactic I see a lot on message boards is "Slavs/Eastern Europeans/Southern Europeans don't count as white" or "So-and-so country is the only real white country", along with the "le 56%" or Amerimutt meme.

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Or Latino/Hispanic don't count as white (obviously some are Mestizo, Amer-Indian, indigenous, etc).

Or that the Church is bad, therefore Christians aren't our allies in this fight.

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Does anything Q says actually come true? Q isn't real, Trump bombing Syria and making threats to take our guns is real.

And if we're talking Jew, Trump is deep in with the Jews 800%

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You're completely ignoring the panic among elites, the Orwellian news attacking everything TRUMP, and the massive awakening of Americans.

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It's another disinfo campaign. What's funny is that it achieved so much with so little effort. Little more than the simplest of confidence tricks.

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Trump is a crypto-jew.

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Q is now trying to get people on board with war with Iran, and bombing Syria! I couldn't believe my eyes. Next thing you know Q will be telling people to sign up for active service! And there was a '5th Ave Anon' trying to convince people that Jared Kushner is some sort of benevolent savior/genius.

They are getting really bold. If Hillary isn't put on public show trial real soon, Q is gonna be run outta town, IMO.

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Divide and conquer is real israel.

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Trump hiring Bolton. I think you can move him over to the control both sides column.

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You are right but we need more active people who stand up

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The problem is they won't get press. Or traditional press.

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‘israel’ fears organized groups of caucasians so much they hate them, an example is Russia.

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once you're redpilled, it's hard to go back to being a bluepilled cuck, so I believe it's a slow but steady conversion of the population

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Another Jewish trick was having a whore lie about Bill Cosby raping her so she could sell books. One of the accusers lied.

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Interesting, but what about the other 56 women who have complained about being doped and sexually assualted? https://archive.li/B6bhW

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I'm of the age where it's hard for me to see some people and feel sorry for them.

You're rich, you let it get to you head. You had a ton of fun and enjoyed shit for a LONG time. But you were alone with a lot of fucking women and you knew this was a chance. This is why I never feel bad for sex tapes. You know there's a legit reason to have them, Cosbey if he was innocent would love to have these to leak.

Watch your six or enjoy the ride. You can't have your cake and ...

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I believe the Jews make up more than 2% of the population. I think they keep the numbers low so us goym do not get worried.

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im with you on that . i want to say 10-15 percent. so many cryptos from all nationalities.

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PSA: practically all middle eastern people from Arabic, Turkic, Caucasian or West Asian countries understand the plots and evils of the Jews.

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We know why they need to shut any conversation about it down. The more you look into it, the more it is obvious how much they control.

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At this point I think we could unite under the NO MORE WAR party. We don't care about anything else. We don't want to fight wars for Israel anymore.

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