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If you are jewish, do us all a favor and go gas yourself!

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Hey Kate, does this gun smell like it was recently fired? Take a good long whiff...

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You’d only have shot her nose off since it’s 6 meters away from her face

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Are Jews genetically predisposed to subversion or something?

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oi! Shut it down !!

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They are of cursed blood. Mental illness runs rampant among them. Jews are the most likely to develop schizophrenia and other personality disorders. This is a fact that statistical studies have revealed, but of course the media will never mention it.

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You do know that Planned Parenthood doesn't just abort babies?

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Her mother should have gone there

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Selling fetuses is one of their many other (((business models))).

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Actually that would be part of the abortion biz. The "icing on the cake" as it were.

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i still dont understand why we need baby stem cells. there was a process discovered in the early 2000's that reverts cells in adults to compatible stem cells.

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Waste not want not!

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It's true, they've also been known to push abortions on vulnerable teens who aren't even pregnant but are paranoid that they are. (Quotas for baby parts aren't always easy to keep up with). And you do know that the hard sales tactics to keep up with abortion quotas are meant to discourage other options?

They are also in the process of becoming lucrative Trans Protocol factories (pilot services started in 17 cities). Because .05% of the population having gender dysphoria isn't enough of a suicidal population. (80-95% would resolve if allowed to hit puberty without life altering, developmental disfiguring, 'Island of Dr. Moreau' puberty blockers).

Mutilating sex surgery is a growing industry and needs a bigger victim pool from which to draw from, so who cares if you crush the true gender dysphoric population's BEST STATISICAL CHANCE for having a happy life because of politics and money? And who cares if non gender dysphoric children are led to believe that they are, drawing them into a nightmare of suicidal tendencies from the 'protocol treatment' itself, sterilization, health problems... and for what in return? (Don't worry, studies about how many people regret having a sex change surgery isn't allowed, so as not to "offend" people with full disclosure).

This is just one person's story: www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2015/04/14688/ http://archive.is/NKKU2

This is professional expertise weighing in on the subject: https://www.dailysignal.com/2017/07/03/im-pediatrician-transgender-ideology-infiltrated-field-produced-large-scale-child-abuse/ UN push for Transgender Procotol (social engineering) IS child abuse.

So yes, Planned Parenthood will be aborting even more futures, for those born as well as the live babies they kill, a fitting tribute to the Eugenicists founders vision.

Eugenics was a discipline, championed by prominent scientists but now widely debunked, that promoted "good" breeding and aimed to prevent "poor" breeding. The idea was that the human race could be bettered through encouraging people with traits like intelligence, hard work, cleanliness (thought to be genetic) to reproduce. Eugenics was taken to its horrifying extreme during the Holocaust, through forced sterilizations and breeding experiments.

In the United States, eugenics intersected with the birth control movement in the 1920s, and Sanger reportedly spoke at eugenics conferences. She also talked about birth control being used to facilitate "the process of weeding out the unfit [and] of preventing the birth of defectives."

Of course the PP today doesn't promote 'weeding' out from any one population, they'll gladly weed out anyone from any population. Eugenics today is much broader in scope, having grown far beyond it's philosophical musings, and settling for equal opportunity culling of the herd. As for transgender protocol, the beauty lies in that the sterilization won't appear forced, just the unfortunate reality for those who are given puberty blockers as children.

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What sort of hateful cunt says something like that?? I have yet to reach the point where I am not still horrified by the audacity of these people. What a lot of fucking nerve, telling a happily pregnant woman that her child should be put to death because it's white and male. Fucking unbelievable.

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white people need to chimp out over shit like this. A man should punch her in that jew rat face. Give these kikes a reason to think twice about saying that type of shit in public.

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What sort of hateful cunt says something like that??

A very self absorbed one and one whose character is morbidly disfigured by it.

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Almost 800 likes, too. The left are mentally ill.

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The left loves abortion and hates white males...and as an added bonus, she can claim oppressed minority status! I bet they were all creaming their pants as they hit the "like" button. Fuck.

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Hey Kate, go play the “name that smell game” in your garage. With your car running. It helps the mortician because your skin turns pink. To simplify, go kill yourself whore. Fucking jews, not even once.

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Does anyone have a collection of these?

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Mind adding to this one to it?

Its a solid collection. So keep going :)

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So 'Never be ashamed of being jewish', just be ashamed of the (NON)color of your skin if you're not jewish.

Never stoop to the level of genocidal objectifying generalizations of a group of people based on skin color or sex, unless it signals that you are intellectually superior as a tribal jewish person with atheistic leanings who has no skin color.

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Try to understand this for what it is - the Jewish predilection for neurosis. She claims white culture is brutal and both her ethnic background, Welsh and Jewish, are oppressed minorities. She probably really feels like that even though both are bullshit. This type of neurosis tends to make people over-react any little insult.

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Where does the Amerindian come in? Or is that more word-games on her part?

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If Morgan is her maiden name, that's where. Morgan is a fairly common Cherokee last name

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When do we start dealing with these people?

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After you admit that it is not just these people.

In fact, "these people" arent your biggest problem at all.

Half of your people are siding with "these people" and protecting them.

Your own people are the single and only reason you cant deal with "these people".

We need to address the problem of treason and traitors first.

Your unwillingness to deal with traitors at all is the main reason "these people" are literally untouchable.

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We need to do something about all of it. Just memeing on the internet isn't enough. We need to be heard in a way so that no one can dismiss us as trolls on the internet. It's so easy to write off what we say because we have no weight to who we are. Even if we are speaking the truth no one considers it because it's coming from "nobodies" on the internet.

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