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I had a roommate from Nigeria one time. I saw on one of his papers he left out one time that he was fully engrossed in the Black Lives Matter version of critical theory and oppression narrative, and that it was his crusade to instill equality onto the US. Also reading the Art of War, which is basically how to win war over your enemy without fighting. These people are our enemies whether you like or not. And they are totally fucking stupid, to be fair, so are we, I guess, for letting this shit happen. They are totally fucking stupid because they have no capabilities of self-reflection and they truly believe they are equal in every single way, which is abjectly stupid, no matter how you see the world.


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Yea they really do think they are our equals. Which in and by itself is fucking retarded. They are dumb fuckers and its not just the color of the skin, its their primitive brains.